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    Overwatch 2 Esports Evolution: Introducing the Overwatch Champions Series

      TL;DR: Blizzard Entertainment is reshaping the 'Overwatch 2' esports scene with the launch of the Overwatch Champions Series (OWCS), an inclusive and regionally focused competitive circuit open to players from North America, EMEA, and Asia. The OWCS comprises multiple stages and international events, aiming to make esports accessible to a wider audience. Key features include a partnership with FACEIT in NA and EMEA for streamlined gameplay experiences and distinct competitive structures tailored to the unique needs of Asian subdivisions. Additionally, the series will feature live international tournaments at DreamHack, with other programs like the WDG Cup and Scholastic Tournament in Asia, providing diverse competitive platforms for players.

    Overwatch Champions Series: A New Competitive Circuit

    Blizzard Entertainment is set to transform the competitive landscape of Overwatch 2 with the introduction of the Overwatch Champions Series (OWCS). This new premier international competitive circuit will be accessible to players across North America (NA), Europe, Middle East, North Africa (EMEA), and Asia. The OWCS will consist of multiple competitive stages, featuring Open Qualifiers in each region, culminating in two major live international events. This approach aims to open the esports ecosystem, making it more inclusive, always-on, and regionally focused, providing enriching experiences for both participants and fans.

    Regional Focus and FACEIT Partnership

    In North America and EMEA, the OWCS will include four competitive stages and two international events. Teams will earn circuit points through various stages, with the highest scorers qualifying for international events. The competition in NA and EMEA will involve three tournament phases - Swiss, Groups, and Main Event. The Open Qualifier will encompass the Swiss phase, qualifying teams for the Main Event. Partnering with FACEIT, the OWCS stages in these regions will feature a streamlined experience, enhancing the esports community's engagement.

    The Asia region, divided into subdivisions like South Korea, Japan, and Pacific, will adapt its competitive stages to suit local needs. This includes multiple tournaments with formats tailored to each local audience. The Asia region will see two competitive stages annually, culminating in OWCS Asia Championship tournaments held at the WDG Esports Studio in South Korea. WARA.GG will be the exclusive platform for registration and match-related information.


    International Events and Additional Programs

    OWCS is set to host two live international tournaments at DreamHack in the 2024 season. The first international event, the OWCS Major, will be held at DreamHack Dallas, with the Season Finals taking place at DreamHack Stockholm. These events are expected to bring together top teams from major regions, providing a platform to crown the first-ever OWCS champions.

    In addition to OWCS, North America and EMEA will see new initiatives through FACEIT, offering a variety of competitive opportunities starting this spring. Asia will have additional programming supported by WDG Esports, including the WDG Cup and WDG Scholastic Tournament. These initiatives aim to provide diverse and regular competitive opportunities for players at different levels.

    Mark your calendars, as the OWCS Open Qualifiers are set to commence shortly after the 2023-2024 Season of Calling All Heroes concludes this February, with competitions beginning in March. More details and specific dates for OWCS and FACEIT programming will be announced soon.

    Image Credit: Overwatch Esports

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