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    343i Plans to Enhance Halo Infinite by Ruining The MCC?

    As 343i struggles to keep players on their so-far disappointing Halo Infinite platform, the fans of the series have been seeking answers to when content will arrive.  343i, the developer of Halo Infinite and the Master Chief Collection, has finally pushed out more information about those problems and appears ready to bring the worst features of Infinite to the MCC.

    The Master Chief Collection has remained a moderately successful and fun game that Halo fans have mostly enjoyed (at least after the rocky launch was worked out) and now it appears that micro transactions are being added to the game.  The team is looking at adding “Spartan Points”, an in-game currency, to bypass the progressive as a solution to ending the season-based content releases in the game.  Thankfully the team is insistent that the points are purely an added way to avoid the XP grind and no changes in the current system will be noticed by players.

    Granted, micro transactions rarely end with just an XP boost and many fans are worried that MCC may be used as a cash farm for Infinite content.  Sadly this might kill off one of the best gaming collections ever released and we truly hope 343i keeps its word and this is not the case.  As of right now, the entire points system is still not finalized and maybe the negative pushback will end it before it even begins.

    Image Credit: 343 Industries

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