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    Battlefield Weapon List Potentially Leaked & Disappointing

    A Redditor by the username u/Aaronfrogger recently posted a screenshot on r/battlefield2042 that stated he got early access to the game by mistake and posted a screenshot of the available weapons in the game.  The list is certainly lacking with a bare minimum amount of effort put into the available weapons:

    •  4 Assault Rifles
    • 4 SMGs
    • 2 LMGs
    • 3 Marksman Rifles
    • 3 Sniper Rifles
    • 3 Pistols
    • 3 Utility Guns

    Sadly, it is just a screenshot of the list with a SFAR-M GL Assault Rifle selected and all the others just a dimmed-out silhouette of the possible weapon choices.  We can also provide no confirmations about the list’s legitimacy, but current preload data seems to support it. This list is stated to be the same across all specialists as well, so no hope of getting more variety based on who you select to play as.

    Overall, the number of weapons is better than many recent Battlefield games but disappointing as it barely improves on the terrible arsenals presented in past games.  A video leak would have been great as the current image lacks a lot of information about the weapons themselves and the possible customization of those weapons.

    The Beta did not provide much hope that “radical” customizations could be achieved to make the list more versatile and enjoyable for players, but much of the information we need is still hidden away behind EA’s media wall.


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