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    BloodyStealer Trojan Targets PC Gaming Accounts

    The internet security company, Kaspersky, has sounded the alarm for PC gamers as the new BloodyStealer trojan is hunting for high-demand gaming accounts.  The trojan can swipe a vast amount of sensitive information, including banking info, cookies, and logs, but gaming accounts seem to be the goal for most users of this trojan. 

    The dark web market for gaming accounts full of games and items is in very high demand currently and gamers need to be aware that they are being actively targeted at this time. The price for BloodyStealer is remarkably low and it is easy to use, making its usage a global threat in a very short time.  Most of this information is being scraped from users via logging and is sold for cheap on the dark web.  This is the perfect example of why Two Factor Authentication and other advanced account security tactics are needed in our modern world (and they are simple to set up and use!).

    If you are concerned about this or other malicious software trying to steal your accounts, then follow a few simple tips.  Make sure you are using different passwords for all your accounts, password managers are great at helping you with this goal (plus, we have a guide for them on Uncrowned Addiction!) so having one password compromised does not compromise all your accounts.  2FA (two-factor authentication) adds an additional layer of security to your accounts and is highly advised as it will nearly negate all the harm trojans like BloodyStealer can perform.  And of course, be sensible with what you download and use a quality antivirus, Kaspersky will gladly get a shoutout from us as they released this info and have always performed well, but there are many other quality services (ask around our forum for opinions if you are searching for an antivirus).

    Source: https://usa.kaspersky.com/blog/bloodystealer-and-gaming-accounts-in-darknet/25440/
    Image: Postmodern Studio - stock.adobe.com

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