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    Bungie's Vast Library of Halo Statistics go Offline February 9th

    Ever since breaking ties with Microsoft, Bungie has certainly not been a front liner of Master Chief or the Halo series however it definitely has not been completely separated from the franchise.  Recently Microsoft has announced the Xbox 360 versions of Halo will be ending their online support and now Bungie is following up by stating that their legacy Halo website will no longer function as of February 9th. 


    The site itself has not been updated for the past nine years however has remained online as a memorial to the thousands of community statistics and Creations taken from the start of Halo 2 to the end of Halo Reach.  Bungie is encouraging gamers to save their statistics and files however they can and wanted to remind gamers that news articles, forum topics, and groups were already imported to the newer version of bungie.net back in 2013.


    If you are somehow not in the loop after the release of Halo Reach Bungie transferred ownership of the Halo franchise to 343 Industries who are currently the production of Halo Infinite and the creators of all the Halo games in between (minus some side series by third-party developers). 


    If you were an old Halo player it is probably worthwhile to check out what is on your profile as this also includes archived screenshots from the old games. If nothing else it is a great time to bring back memories of the old Halo days.

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