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    Call Of Duty League 2021 Season Stage III Major Day 1 Report #CDL2021

    Today marked the first day of the 2021 Call of Duty League’s Stage 3 Major with two Elimination Bracket matches and two Winners Bracket matches to kick off the event.  Both Elimination matches turned out to be quite exciting as 4 teams tried to advance in the Elimination bracket with Match 2 being an absolute thriller of a match full of some crazy games!

    The Winners Bracket would prove to be a stunner as not only did Faze show signs of their past glory, but Huke and the Thieves were ready to put up an amazing match against the Mutineers.  Check out the round up of today’s matched below.

    Match 1 – Paris Legion vs London Royal Ravens

    3-1 London

    The Royal Ravens came out fighting and winning their games in a fairly dominating match against the Legion to start things off at CoD’s Stage 3 Major.  Legion worked to achieve many openings to flip the games in their favor, but could not pull off a comeback once London gained the lead and London ended up defeating the Legion with a solid showing.

    Match 2 – Seattle Surge vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

    3-1 Los Angeles

    The 3-1 victory from the Guerrilas was earned by some of the best games of the day and we got to watch some wild strategies play out for both teams.  Things went favorably for the Guerrillas until Surge’s Pestinni made what had to of been the ninja defuse of the major to lead Surge on a motivated spree to tie things up.  Things continued to look like some of the best games of the tournament (although someone will challenge this later) until things came unraveled for Seattle in game 4 and LA came out of top.

    Match 3 – Dallas Empire vs Atlanta Faze

    3-0 Atlanta

    Match 3 got off to a late start due to some technical delays in Match 2 but the rematch of the Major 1 final was worth the wait.  Faze would start the first game like Empire forgot to show to the game, but in no time Empire would start digging in and turned it into what seemed the first of an amazing matchup even with their loss on that game.  However, Faze was ready to prove the doubters wrong and seemed dominate as they pulled off a 3-0 sweep to send Empire to the Elimination Bracket.

    Match 4 – Los Angeles Thieves vs Florida Mutineers

    3-1 Florida

    Thieves came out making some awkward team mistakes but rapidly turned things around to make the first game an epic showdown as they took the loss to the Mutineers. The mistakes would stop there and the follow up games would become the best of the day!  The 3-1 match is certainly worth a rewatch as every game came down to the final plays and there was certainly no shortage of big moments.  However, the Mutineers would come out on top and the Thieves will join Empire in the Elimination bracket.

    Tomorrow will be bring many exciting matches to the event including a rematch of last Major’s championship match with Faze vs Ultra!  We can’t wait to see the action and excitement live tomorrow at 12 PM PST/3 PM EST as day 2 hopefully proves to be even more epic for all of our CoD Fans!

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