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    Call Of Duty League 2021 Season Stage III Major Day 2 Report #CDL2021

    With Seattle Surge and Paris Legion eliminated during day 1, day 2 lined up for two more teams to join them in the elimination pool as the day started off with two exciting elimination bracket matches.  Afterwards the rematch Ultra vs Faze would be the highlight coming into the day and also the highlight event of the series so far with an epic showdown.  If you thought day 1 was full of good matches, than prepare yourself for an even wilder day 2!

    Game 1 - London Royal Ravens vs Minnesota Røkkr

    3-0 London

    Priestahh started the match trying to win that series all by himself and oh my did he come close with a 13 kill streak to get things going for Røkkr!  But beyond the massive killstreak to start things off, it appeared that Minnesota may have invited London to watch over their practice as the London Royal Ravens simply seemed to have the best play call lined up for everything Minnesota threw at them.  London took the 3-0 win and continues to impress and surprise as they continue their march though the elimination bracket.

    Game 2 - Los Angeles Guerrillas vs OpTic Chicago

    3-1 Chicago

    Many fans were waiting for OpTic to come out and show that old championship style after a lackluster 2021 season so far, but it rapidly turned into hoping for signs of life from OpTic as LAG seemed to be doing everything right from the very beginning of the first game. OpTic would start to come alive during game 2 as they barely held off LAG to win out in S&D.  However, OpTic would continue to turn things around and win out with a 3-1 series, but it was not the prettiest win.  I didn't see a championship winning team in this match but OpTic now has some wins under them and will continue to move up in the elimination bracket.

    Game 3 - Atlanta FaZe vs Toronto Ultra

    3-2 Atlanta

    If you hoped for a great rematch from last major’s championship, then you go your wish and more!  An amazing lineup of epic games that all seemed to come down to the wire and each team played better than ever!  Gunfights were near perfect in every game and I can only suggest that you go watch the VOD on this matchup if you missed it as you missed an amazing set of games.  Faze seemed to be close to a 3-0 match win in a set of games that all could have gone either way when Ultra decided to step is up and tried to win with a reverse sweep of the series.  Faze ended up pulling off an epic 5 win spree in S&D to end Ultra's push and seal their 3-2 match victory to send Ultra to the elimination bracket.

    Game 4 - Florida Mutineers vs New York Subliners

    3-0 Florida

    Florida came into this game with a lot of motivation and head strong to redeem their poor start in the 2021 league, but NYSL must have been burning the overtime in their game plans and prep work as Florida never seemed to be able to get ahead of the NYSL strategy.  Every game showed Florida having to improvise and react to a poor situation as NYSL just did everything right.  The judges might want to make sure they weren't screen sniping in this match as it was not even close and Florida got sent to the elimination bracket.

    Tomorrow will bring us a new set of games to try and add even more to this event's epic matches so far as Minnesota and LAG pack their bags for their run in this tournament is over.  Faze and NYSL seemed to play prefect games today but one will have to advance to the championship round tomorrow as we watch the elimination bracket grow even smaller.  Tune in tomorrow for even more action!

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