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    COD Community Clash: Disappointment as MWIII Campaign Fails Full Release Promise

      TL;DR: The gaming community is vocal about their dissatisfaction with the surprisingly short campaign of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, which was completed by some within three hours. The campaign's structure, heavily featuring open combat missions, was critiqued for detracting from the expected in-depth narrative, leading to claims that the game feels more like DLC than a full release.

    The gaming community has expressed significant disappointment with the campaign of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, which many had anticipated to be a fully fleshed-out release rather than what some are calling a glorified DLC. As players raced through the campaign, the brevity of the experience has sparked widespread criticism across gaming forums and social platforms.

    Expectations vs. Reality: A Campaign Cut Short

    Players had high expectations for a robust narrative experience from Modern Warfare III, akin to its predecessors. However, widespread reports from prominent streamers suggest that the campaign's duration is notably short, with some completing it in approximately three hours. This has been a particular point of contention, as it significantly deviates from the franchise's tradition of delivering lengthier and more substantial story modes.

    The introduction of open combat missions was intended as an innovative feature, but instead of invigorating the gameplay, it has been met with lackluster responses. Almost half of the campaign comprises these missions, which some players feel dilutes the core storytelling that has been a hallmark of the series. The format of these missions, criticized for their resemblance to Warzone gameplay rather than the classic Call of Duty narrative arc, has not resonated with the fanbase.

    Reflecting on What Could Have Been

    Amidst the backlash, there's a sense of what might have been, with some players recognizing moments of intensity and excellence within the campaign. However, these glimpses into the potential of Modern Warfare III have only amplified the disappointment, as the community reflects on how the game could have excelled with a more traditional and expansive approach.

    The campaign's narrative is expected to expand through future Warzone seasons, but for a significant portion of the player base, the experience has fallen short. The latest installment of the Modern Warfare series is now contending with the reputation of having one of the least favored campaigns in the franchise's storied history.

    Image Credit: Midjourney

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