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    Discord is Rolling Out a Cheaper Nitro Basic Plan With a Cheap Price and Solid Features

    According to TechRadar, Discord is currently offering a Nitro Basic plan in the UK for $2.99 a month starting today. The plan is currently limited to UK users and is only offered on the desktop app.  Discord appears to be planning to bring the plan to iOS next but overall we do not have any released windows.


    • Currently only in the UK and planned for iOS next.
    • Costs $2.99 a month (at least for now).
    • Gives users custom and animated emojis.
    • Also provides increased upload size, special stickers, and a special badge.

    The plan is geared towards daily users of Discord who do not want to spend the $9.99 a month for their full range of features and perks.  The will increase a user's upload limit to 20MB per file along with allowing users to use custom and animated emoji across servers.  It also offers a special Nitro Basic badge and special stickers.  

    These features are actually very practical and useful for those who use Discord on a regular basis but are not involved enough to want server boosts and the suite of other perks offered by the full plan.  The timing of this plan may have to do with the addition of Xbox and PlayStation Discord apps and the massive user base that should provide the service.

    Overall, $2.99 a month would be much more appealing to users not wanting to drop over $100 a year into a free chat service.  However, nothing of this new service is confirmed to be the final global release of Nitro Basic.

    Image Credit: DenPhoto - stock.adobe.com

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