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    From WWII to MW3: The Awaited Return of CoD's 'War' Multiplayer Mode

      TL;DR: Call of Duty's popular 'War' multiplayer mode is making a comeback in Modern Warfare 3 after a six-year hiatus. First introduced in 2017's WWII edition, the narrative-driven mode was a fan-favorite. Gamers can anticipate its return in MW3's full release on Nov. 10.

    After a notable absence from the Call of Duty (CoD) arena, the famed multiplayer mode "War" is back. The inclusion of this fan-favorite mode in the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 is set to reignite the fervor of the legendary FPS series.

    A Storied Return

    Call of Duty devotees were treated to some thrilling news during the CoD Next livestream on October 5th. The reintroduction of War is set to bolster Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer lineup, which already promises engaging classic multiplayer action and the expansive 64-player Ground War mode.

    Although it made its acclaimed debut in 2017 with Sledgehammer’s World War II edition, the subsequent omission of War in Black Ops 4 left fans pondering its fate. Its distinctive gameplay, emphasizing story-driven objectives rather than sheer combat, distinguished War from other multiplayer modes. As attackers strategize to fulfill their objectives, defenders mobilize to thwart their advances.

    World War II showcased seven riveting Operations, from dramatic confrontations in ravaged villages to the historic conflict on D-Day's Omaha Beach. Fans await details on the number of Operations and accompanying maps that Modern Warfare 3 will incorporate.

    A Community's Jubilation

    Social media platforms, particularly Reddit, buzzed with elation from the CoD community upon hearing the announcement. Although the Modern Warfare 3 beta is set to launch on October 6th, enthusiasts will have to harness their excitement a bit longer. The much-anticipated War mode will be available for players to delve into upon the game's official release on November 10th.

    Image Credit: Activision

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