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    Halo Infinite Gets XP Boost

    As Halo Infinite takes over the FPS world, players have not enjoyed the painfully slow progressive system of the game’s Battle Pass due to terrible XP gains and lackluster challenges.  343 has announced today their first step towards fixing this problem will be increased to the daily game XP bonuses.  Instead of a near-pointless 50XP single game bonus, the game will have 300XP boosts for the first game and slowly work down to 50XP for the 7th+ game you play.

    343 hopes this change will encourage players to continue playing daily while also rewarding those who are heavy gamers and play numerous matches per day.  Some have pointed out that the game is still in Beta and once the missing content is added, the XP problem should get better along the way.  However, with the current limited-time events, the start of Season 1, and numerous other marketing tools, it is extremely hard to say that 343 is not pushing this as the full game.

    Junyszek of 343, also stated that bigger changes were in the works to help fix the XP problems but did not add any details to what those changes may be.  For those curious, players can now rank up one level of the Battle Pass each day simply by playing 6 matches with the new XP system as that would add 1000XP (the required amount per level). 

    Hopefully, this is the start of a series of fixes to compliment the excellent gameplay of Halo Infinite with a store and cosmetic system that doesn’t feel so “money-hungry mobile game” like. 

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