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    Halo Infinite Lead Progression Designer Confirms No Loot Boxes

    Ever since 343 announced that Halo Infinite would have a free to play multiplayer, the gaming community has both praised the move while also fearing the microtransactions that will come with it.  Luckily, a recent interview with Halo Infinite lead progression designer Christopher Blohm has clarified the microtransaction plans for the game and it is encouraging.

    Blohm has confirmed that loot boxes will not be part of the game and all microtransactions will be “one and done” style purchases.  He also stated that microtransactions will only be cosmetic items available for purchase and will not directly affect gameplay in any way beyond visuals.  Along with those clarifications, we also learned that the game will be focusing on unlockable cosmetic items though the in-game progression system and achievements which is a huge plus for Halo fans who loved pushing though challenges to gain armor in the past.

    While we do not know how much of the cosmetics will be locked behind achievements vs paywalls, we do enjoy hearing that the team seems to be focusing on a player friendly microtransaction system.  There is certainly plenty of time for things to change before the game is released and surely more information will come out about the system in the coming months but for now we have reason to be excited.  Also do not forget to check out the full Halo Waypoint update to also see some nice in game screenshots of the upcoming title.

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