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    Halo Infinite Releases Exciting PC Platform News

    The latest update provided by 343 Industries (Inside Infinite - April 2021) about the development of the upcoming Halo Infinite game has a heavy take on the PC gaming side and just about everything in the article is extremely promising news for the title. The update starts out with an absolute amazing screenshot of a Forerunner facility utilizing an ultrawide display and the team follows up that already exciting news with a detailed look of numerous aspect ratios and the benefits I have just how optimized the game is supposed to be for ultrawide displays on PC.

    On top of the ultrawide settings, the team also reveals some screenshots detailing the field of view settings and how much they can be increased on high powered PC's. I must admit that 120 FOV on a 32:9 display looks fantastic at this point.  Additionally, to the surprise of many, the game is also optimized to run at a 4:3 aspect ratio if players are looking for the classic Halo franchise experience.

    apr2021-insideinfinite-3-654c4e5756664fbbb45465a5e1a002e8.jpg     apr2021-insideinfinite-4-d55efdcfcb574da4810d816b6afa694d.jpg

    Graphical settings for the PC version of the game got a sneak peek via a screenshot that show numerous settings and adjustments available to the players. These were also accompanied by very robust keymapping settings menu for multiple input devices. The team did not get into much detail on what settings will also be available on the Xbox version, but PC players will certainly be able to customize the game as they see fit.


    Cross platform multiplayer was also detailed in this update with the team stating that they are focusing on making the cross-platform experience as enjoyable as possible. Input based matchmaking seems to be the favor of both the players and the development team, and my personal preference for cross platform matchmaking, so that is an incredibly good sign as a PC player looking to play with their Xbox based friends. However, the update does have a little worrisome notation in it that states input based restrictions are for ranked matches. This is worrisome for me personally as I have yet to really find a game that perfectly balances controllers and mouse and keyboard users within the same lobby. Hopefully, the input-based restrictions will be for all multiplayer matches by the final release, beyond co-op modes.


    Older and less powerful PCs were also mentioned as the team noted that they have taken a significant effort in trying to balance gameplay between high spec PC's and low performance PC's during multiplayer. This was also followed up by some screenshots of the Halo Infinite world and Forerunner sites that look amazing. Halo news based YouTuber HiddenXperia has pointed out that these screenshots do contain graphical problems such as units clipping into walls, so hopefully he is correct in the assumption that these issues will be fixed by the full release of the game.

    Otherwise, the team has listed the currently planned platforms the game will launch on being Steam, Xbox Store on PC, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass for PC, and of course through the Xbox Store or in a box on the shelf for the console version.

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