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    Is Battlefield 2042 Going to Letdown Gamers?

    Battlefield 2042 came out firing with a massive level of hype that drove it through a monstrous FPS release market coming in Holiday 2021 with the likes of Halo Infinite and Call of Duty Vanguard.  However, that hype seems to have been put to the test with the recent open beta for 2042 as players got to experience the game for themselves firsthand.

    First came the bugs, the game was full of them to the point that players encountered problems with nearly every feature of the game, and numerous game-breaking bugs would decide the outcome for many players’ games.  Dice released a statement that stated the game used in the beta was “months old” and most of the bugs were fixed already.  This statement was received with a lot of question marks and confusion as the open beta was a massive marketing push for the game and they are claiming they willingly choose a bad version of the game to show off.

    Although the key complaints wouldn’t flood in until players started to notice some major gameplay changes from previous Battlefield games that seemed to be unanimously disliked.  Destructible environments, one of the most key and enjoyed features of the series, have been removed in favor of a few scripted style destruction points in buildings and on the map.

    Vehicles just didn’t feel like a battlefield game and worst of all, specialists somehow added classes of characters you can play, but also removed the “classes” part of Battlefield.  Squad teamwork has been such a major (and loved) focus point of Battlefield and now players have no idea who to turn towards for more ammo, healing, etc.  Players can freely switch equipment between specialists, and this is nice for a Call of Duty style game but very confusing for a squad-based game like Battlefield.

    Gunplay was good, but seemed basic and forgiving for a Battlefield game and some players even pointed out that it felt like a fancy mobile shooter with how easy recoil was to manage.  Although outside of the gunplay itself, the core gunfighting of the game itself was lacking.  Revives were basically nonexistent, teamwork was reduced to simple team spawns, and the game as a whole just seemed to lack all of the glory that makes Battlefield an amazing shooter.

    Hopefully, these issues are not as bad as they seem.  Perhaps, the destruction issues were limited to the map they released for the beta and others will be better.  Also some better indication on who has ammo and more rewards to encourage reviving and other teamwork would certainly be nice.

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