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    More Battlefield 6 Rumors State Game Will Skip Last Gen and Land on Game Pass Day 1

    Leaker Tom Henderson has been pushing out numerous leaks and rumors about the upcoming Battlefield 6 title as of late and most recently has touched on last gen consoles and Game Pass.  Tom has been a noteworthy and reliable leaker of the Battlefield series, but we must always add that these items are not official or confirmed in any manner.

    Starting with the leaks about last generation consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), Tom stated in a Tweet that the developers do not seem to have any plan to push for launching the title on older systems and will focus entirely on Next Gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Series S/X.  Granted his leak is focused on the lack of information and seems to touch on how Call of Duty pushing to include last gen consoles is making the development tough, so these are far from concrete leaks.

    The leaker also listed the new game as being an Xbox Game Pass game and releasing on the subscription service day 1.  He fails to back this up with any reasoning or evidence, but with the recent partnership between EA Play and Game Pass seemingly going well and EA needing a way to break the hold that Call of Duty has on the military FPS market it is a entirely possibility.  Granted, this will not be a land slide win for the Battlefield series as even on Game Pass, it will have to complete with the hype giant that will be launching also be launching on day 1, Halo Infinite. 

    For those a bit confused by the EA Play and Game Pass partnership, Xbox Game Pass now includes EA Play games on both console and PC.  However, this is only regular EA Play games and new EA games are only available on their EA Play Premiere service or by simply purchasing the game for around the first six months.

    Overall, these leaks appear to be entirely practicable and reasonable directions for Battlefield 6, but we just do not have any evidence to back them up.  Hopefully, earlier leaks hold true, and we should be getting a teaser trailer in the coming month or two.

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