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    MW3 Zombies Reloaded: Unveiling the New Warlord Dokkaebi and Game Enhancements

      TL;DR: The latest MW3 Season 1 Reloaded update introduces significant enhancements to the Zombies mode, adding depth and variety to the gameplay. A notable addition is the new Warlord character, Dokkaebi, stationed in a fortress filled with advanced defenses in Zaravan City. The update also brings improvements to gameplay mechanics, such as immediate movement post-Aether Extractor interaction and fixes to prevent spawning issues. It enhances allies like Pet Hell Hounds with new healing abilities and makes adjustments to enemy Sentry Turrets. Weapon and equipment modifications include increased durations for Decoy Grenades and Cymbal Monkeys, along with fixes to the RAM-7 assault rifle. Furthermore, the update improves the game's UI/UX, offering new squad leaving options and progression notifications, alongside various crash and stability fixes, ensuring a smoother gaming experience in the Zombies mode.

    Introduction of New Warlord and Enhanced Gameplay

    The latest update to MW3, Season 1 Reloaded, brings an exciting expansion to the Zombies mode. Notably, the update introduces a new Warlord character, Dokkaebi. Hailing from South Korea, Dokkaebi is a key figure in Terminus Outcomes, renowned for her expertise in electronic warfare. Players will encounter her in a fortress located atop a skyscraper in Zaravan City. This fortress is heavily guarded with drones, turrets, and Wheelson, providing a challenging yet rewarding experience for those who manage to defeat her.

    Gameplay and Contract Modifications

    In this update, several gameplay aspects have been refined. Now, players can move immediately after interacting with Aether Extractors, enhancing the fluidity of gameplay. Moreover, a fix has been implemented to prevent High-Value Targets (HVTs) from spawning in locked Mercenary Strongholds. Additionally, an issue that previously hindered the use of Field Upgrades when wielding Dual Kodachis has been addressed, along with other general gameplay improvements. These include preventing player-to-player damage in Zombies mode, closing an exploit that allowed carrying more than two weapons, and resolving a specific issue with the Contraband copy of Insured Slot 2 weapons.

    Updates to Enemies, Allies, and Equipment

    The update makes notable changes to the game’s enemies and allies. For instance, Sentry Turrets used by Terminus Outcomes will now be affected by EMPs from the Stormender. Furthermore, Pet Hell Hounds have been upgraded to heal newly added squad members and retain their names and levels during travel to the Dark Aether. Weapon adjustments include fixes to the RAM-7 assault rifle, ensuring its proper use in the insured slot. Tactical Equipment like Decoy Grenades and Cymbal Monkeys have seen an increase in duration, with Cymbal Monkeys now also attracting Hell Hounds. Additionally, the update brings improvements to customization options, ensuring that specific operator skins, like Bone Collector and Sleigh, appear correctly in the Strike Team menu.

    UI/UX Enhancements and Stability Improvements

    The user interface and experience have also been enhanced. Players now have the option to leave their squad, and there are new notifications for mission progression milestones, aiding players in tracking their achievements more effectively. The update also addresses a previous issue with the ‘House Cleaner’ Calling Card notification. Stability enhancements include various crash and stability fixes, contributing to a smoother gaming experience.

    Overall, MW3 Season 1 Reloaded's update to Zombies mode brings a host of improvements and new content, enriching the game for both new and veteran players. The introduction of Dokkaebi, gameplay refinements, and enhancements across enemies, allies, weapons, and UI/UX promise a more engaging and seamless experience in the Zombies world.

    Image Credit: Activision

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