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    New Maps Coming to Halo 3

    Fans to one of the most classic FPS games of all time, Halo 3, are in for an exciting announcement as 343 Industries is planning to add at least two more maps into the now 14-year-old game. Of course, the Master Chief Collection landing on PC has refreshed the series and brought Halo 3 back into the gaming spotlight as of late, but this is still huge news from a developer that seemed completely focused on releasing the new Halo Infinite.

    The new maps are Waterfall and Edge which were leaked by beta testers and seemed to be Maps that were going to be utilized in the never released project of Halo Online.  Halo Online was supposedly going to be a free to play multiplayer only shooter based on the Halo 3 game engine but was scrapped after only a few months of only being available in Russia. We do not have many details of Halo Online, but it does seem to be a poorly aimed product with how already wildly successful Halo 3's online multiplayer had become.

    With the new battle pass season system used in the Master Chief Collection it has been noted that these new maps will release as part of Season 6 which does not have a confirmed release date nor is it confirmed that the maps will launch at the beginning of the season.   Waterfall appears slightly similar two Halo 2's industrial setting utilized in the map Lockout and edge is a full runner facility that is like the forerunner designs utilized in Halo 4.

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