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    Next-Gen Console Evolution: The 2023 PlayStation 5 Refresh Unveiled

      TL;DR: Sony levels up the gaming world with its 2023 refresh of the PlayStation 5, featuring a sleeker design not officially termed "Slim," increased storage capacity, and an innovative detachable disc drive. The new PS5 models offer gamers more flexibility in how they choose to purchase and use their consoles, though with a slight adjustment in pricing and additional costs for accessories like the vertical stand and the disc drive.

    Sony's 2023 refresh of the PlayStation 5 brings a wave of updates, including a sleeker design, expanded storage, and a unique feature, all rolled out in anticipation of the holiday season.

    A 'Slim' New Era for the PS5, But Don't Call It That

    In a move that's set gamers abuzz, Sony has unveiled a refreshed version of the PlayStation 5, tactfully refraining from labeling it a "PlayStation 5 Slim." This latest iteration, known simply as the "new" PS5, will phase out previous models once they're out of stock. It's not just about what's in a name; this revamped console sports a svelte profile, boasting a volume reduction of over 30%. 

    Though it shies away from the 'Slim' designation, the console’s trimmed-down silhouette speaks volumes. Continuing the tradition, two versions are available: the standard edition, equipped with a disc drive, and the Digital Edition, without a disc drive. But here's the twist: the disc drive is now detachable. This innovative feature allows gamers to switch from a digital library to physical discs, offering an unprecedented level of flexibility.

    Upgraded Storage, Adjusted Pricing: What's New in the 2023 Refresh

    Addressing one of the primary concerns of their community, Sony has upgraded the console's storage capacity. The previous 825GB internal SSD didn't quite meet the needs of many users, considering the space occupied by the system's software. The 2023 refresh somewhat alleviates this issue, bumping up the storage to 1TB. While this allows for a few additional AAA game installs, some might find the increase less significant than hoped.

    Pricing adjustments accompany these technical enhancements. In a somewhat disheartening move, the vertical stand, now sturdier with a metal build, isn't included with the console. Those desiring a vertical display will need to purchase the stand separately for $29.99 (€29.99 / £24.99). Moreover, there's a price hike for the Digital Edition, now starting at $449 (€449/ £389), up from the original $399. The standard edition maintains its $499 (€499 / £479) price tag. Opting for a later disc drive addition comes with a $79.99 (€79.99 / £69.99) price point, though it's important to note its incompatibility with the original Digital Edition.

    Availability and Forward Momentum in Gaming

    Set for a November 2023 release, the refreshed PlayStation 5, though not dramatically different, marks Sony's commitment to innovation and responsiveness to user feedback. It's not just a gaming console; it's a symbol of adaptability and progress in the ever-evolving world of digital entertainment. While this revamped model signifies a step forward, the anticipation is palpable among the gaming community for what future advancements Sony has in store.

    Image Credit: Sony

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    It looks like they took the style of the PS4 and merged it with the PS5. So something tells me the NVMe slot is going to be under one of the top panels like it was for the PS4

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