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    Pay-to-Win Concerns Cast a Shadow on Call of Duty DMZ Mode

    Fans Outraged by Game-Breaking Bonuses Offered through Premium Skins

    Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0's DMZ mode is under fire as gamers express concern that premium skins provide game-breaking bonuses, undermining the competitive nature of the game. Launched in November 2022, DMZ has experienced numerous changes and adjustments, but the introduction of "DMZ bonus effects" linked to premium cosmetics has ignited a wave of outrage among players.

    The controversial Bomb Squad cosmetic pack, for instance, offers players a medium backpack when starting a round of DMZ. Backpacks come in three sizes, determining the amount of gear a player can carry. Until now, every player would reset to a small backpack after dying or initiating a new account, maintaining fairness. However, those purchasing the Bomb Squad bundle gain a permanent advantage over others, starting with a medium backpack.

    Datamined information points to future premium skins providing even greater benefits, such as complimentary UAVs or additional armor plates. This has heightened concerns within the gaming community, with many fearing that DMZ's pay-to-win structure will deter players from participating in Warzone 2.0. The game has already experienced a decline in player numbers and dissatisfaction with gameplay changes, and the pay-to-win controversy may exacerbate these issues.


    Image Credit: Midjourney

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    No good gamer loves any game that's set up to be Pay-to-Win. It's always very frustrating and difficult to play such game. It's sad that they are still pulling off this kind of practice with the Call of Duty franchise. The COD franchise have been losing it's players as of late and this is just going to make it worst. 

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