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    Tactical Teaser: Warzone’s Sally Pistols Point to Black Ops 6

      TL;DR: Treyarch has sparked excitement within the gaming community by hinting at the next Call of Duty installment, Black Ops 6, through the appearance of Sally Pistols in Warzone. These weapons, marked with six tally marks, suggest a return to traditional military combat tech and gadgets. With a launch planned for late 2024, fans eagerly await further details at June’s Xbox showcase and Call of Duty Direct.

    The Anticipation Builds: Treyarch's Nod to Black Ops 6

    The gaming community is abuzz with the latest development in the Call of Duty franchise, as Treyarch has seemingly confirmed the next installment, Black Ops 6, through a subtle yet clear acknowledgment. The discovery of the Sally Pistols in the popular battle royale game Warzone has set the stage for what appears to be a significant reveal.


    Sally Pistols: More Than Just a Weapon

    The Sally Pistols, a variant of the Akimbo version of the 9mm Daemon Pistol, have a storied history within the Call of Duty series. Their recent appearance in Warzone is not just a nod to nostalgia but a clever teaser that has reignited the excitement for the franchise's future. The pistols, which feature six scratched tally marks, have been interpreted by fans as a clear hint towards the title of the upcoming game.

    A New Era for Call of Duty

    As the gaming world looks forward to the official announcement, speculation is rife about the direction Treyarch will take with Black Ops 6. Reports suggest a return to traditional military combat tech and Black Ops gadgets, moving away from the futuristic technology that has characterized recent entries. With a planned launch in late 2024, the anticipation for Black Ops 6 is palpable, promising a new chapter for veterans and newcomers to the series alike. The community eagerly awaits June's Xbox showcase, followed by a Call of Duty Direct, where they hope to catch a glimpse of what's in store.

    Image Credit: Activision

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