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    The Finals: Addressing Player Concerns About Movement Speed

      TL;DR: Following the surprise launch of 'The Finals' at The Game Awards, players have reported a perceived slowdown in movement speed compared to the beta version. However, Embark Studios, the game's developers, have confirmed that there have been no changes to the movement system. They attribute the perceived slowdown to recent adjustments in animations, sounds, and Field of View (FOV) settings, particularly the default FOV reset to 71. The developers recommend players adjust their FOV settings and are working to rebalance these changes to restore the original feel of movement. Additionally, the game is experiencing other launch issues, including server problems and error codes, which the team is actively addressing.

    Perception of Slower Movement Speed Post-Launch

    Since its surprise launch at The Game Awards, 'The Finals' has been experiencing a surge in popularity, continuing the momentum from its open beta phase. However, players have raised concerns about a perceived slowdown in the movement speed of characters, compared to the beta version. The developers at Embark Studios have clarified that there have been no changes to the movement system or the speed itself. After thorough investigation, the team believes that recent adjustments in other aspects of the game might be influencing the players' perception of movement speed.

    Identified Factors Affecting Movement Perception

    The developers identified that minor modifications made to animations, sounds, and game settings could be contributing to the sensation of slower movement. One significant factor is the default Field of View (FOV) setting, which was reset to 71. A lower FOV can create an illusion of slower movement, affecting how players experience the game. Embark Studios suggests that players check and adjust their FOV settings as a potential solution. Additionally, the team is actively working on rebalancing some of these changes to restore the original feel of movement in the game.

    Addressing Launch Issues and Misinterpretation of Feedback

    It's not uncommon in the gaming industry for players to misinterpret the cause of certain issues, particularly in first-person shooters where audio and visual elements play a crucial role in the gameplay experience. 'The Finals' developers are also dealing with other launch-related issues like server problems and matchmaking difficulties, alongside the error code TFLA0004, which restricts gameplay access. The team at Embark Studios appears committed to resolving these issues promptly and improving the overall player experience.

    Image Credit: Embark Studios

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