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    There is a new handheld coming from Logitech that will focus on GeForce Now and Xbox Game Pass

    Logitech has been active in the PC gaming sector for a long time, but it seems like the company is preparing to make a significant leap in its product lines. According to a blog post, Logitech and Chinese game publisher Tencent are partnering to develop a handheld gaming device similar to Nintendo's Switch or Valve's Steam Deck. In contrast to past handhelds, this one will stream cloud games rather than primarily concentrating on local downloads.

    According to Logitech’s announcement, the new device will support multiple cloud gaming services. Working with the Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now teams are mentioned as part of the collaboration. The choice to name the two leading game streaming platforms is telling and also promising for the device. As a result, much of the graphics and gameplay will be offloaded to remote streaming servers, minimizing local hardware almost entirely.

    According to the announcement, the Logitech handheld is expected to be available by the end of this year. No technical information was provided, but a streaming-oriented device is likely to be an ARM-based, mobile gaming machine similar to GPD's lineup and other similar devices (however headlining Nvidia's cloud service might open the gate for Nividia's Tegra chips used in Nintendo's Switch). The device might be of comparable size and shape to the Steam Deck and come at an extremely competitive price as a result of foregoing expensive hardware needed for local playback.

    Image Credit: Photo by Polina Tankilevitch

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