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  • Legion Bulletin
    Legion Bulletin

    Uncrowned Gaming Unveils New Club Feature: Mini Communities and Forums for Individual Games

    Uncrowned Gaming, our gaming and esports platform, is delighted to announce the launch of our new Clubs feature in conjunction with a significant overhaul of our existing main forum. This tandem introduction aims to provide an enhanced and clutter-free environment for users to engage, communicate, and grow their gaming knowledge.

    Uncrowned Gaming's Clubs feature creates dedicated mini-communities centered on individual games, giving users the opportunity to interact with like-minded gamers. Alongside the Clubs feature, the revitalized main forum aims to streamline general gaming discussions and present a more organized and user-friendly interface for broader gaming topics.


    Our forum revamp and the new Clubs feature go hand-in-hand, while the Clubs offer a focused space for specific game discussions, our refreshed main forum provides a more structured, easy-to-navigate environment for broader gaming debates. By doing this, we're ensuring that our platform remains a vibrant and engaging hub for all things gaming.

    The renovation of the main forum reflects Uncrowned Gaming's commitment to providing an engaging and user-focused platform, with improved categorization and a refreshed interface for ease of navigation. At the same time, the new Clubs feature game-specific discussions in dedicated spaces, reducing clutter on the main forum.

    Both the Clubs feature and the forum revamp represent our commitment to continually enhancing the Uncrowned Gaming experience. Our aim is to ensure that our platform remains the top destination for gamers worldwide who wish to engage, share, and learn in a clutter-free and highly organized environment.  Feedback is always welcome and we can't wait to see your there!

    Join your favorite game's club here: https://www.uncrownedgaming.com/clubs/
    Or check out our new forum layout: https://www.uncrownedgaming.com/forums/


    Read on Uncrowned Empire

    Image Credit: Uncrowned Gaming

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