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    Call of Duty's Lost Chapter: NX1's Futuristic Vision

      TL;DR: Leaked gameplay footage revealed a cancelled 'Call of Duty' project, codenamed NX1, developed by Neversoft. This project, titled "Call of Duty: Future Warfare," showcased a moon-based mission, offering a unique take on futuristic warfare within the franchise. The footage, which gained over 7 million views, displayed a direction for the series that significantly differed from its actual path. The game's development was led by Brian Bright and included several campaign missions and multiplayer components. NX1’s cancellation left fans speculating about the potential impact of its early exploration of futuristic themes, especially in light of the mixed reception to later titles like 'Infinite Warfare'.

    A Glimpse into an Alternate Call of Duty Universe

    Recently, a fascinating glimpse into what could have been a significant shift in the 'Call of Duty' (CoD) franchise emerged through leaked gameplay footage. The video, originating from a cancelled project known as NX1, developed by the former Guitar Hero studio Neversoft, showcased a moon-based mission under the title "Call of Duty: Future Warfare." This footage, which has attracted over 7 million views globally, depicted gameplay in low gravity conditions, offering a distinct experience from the existing CoD games. The project hinted at a radically different path for the franchise, with a futuristic warfare theme that predated the series' actual foray into such settings.


    Neversoft's Ambitious Project and Its Cancellation

    Brian Bright, the multiplayer lead for the game at Neversoft, provided insights into the development of NX1. The project began following significant shifts at Infinity Ward and the formation of Respawn Entertainment. Neversoft, transitioning from Guitar Hero, embraced the challenge of creating a futuristic CoD title, experimenting with new ideas and exploring the game engine's capabilities. The development of NX1 was substantial, with several campaign missions and multiplayer components underway before its cancellation. The release of a 10-minute video by @mangafigurines on Twitter further piqued fans' interest, offering an extended view of what the project had in store.


    The 'What If' Scenario of NX1 and Its Impact

    The revelation of NX1's existence presents a compelling 'what if' scenario for the CoD franchise. When the series eventually ventured into futuristic themes, the reception was mixed. For instance, 'Infinite Warfare' faced significant backlash, as evidenced by the negative reception of its trailer on YouTube. This led to the series reverting to more traditional themes in subsequent releases. NX1's early exploration of futuristic warfare suggests that the franchise might have followed a different trajectory had this project come to fruition. The leaks also revealed unused multiplayer maps and modes, demonstrating Neversoft's creative approach. The blend of real-world and fictional elements in these maps and modes, such as "Bin Laden's Compound" and an "Escort" mode, showcased the studio's unique vision for the CoD universe.

    Image Credit: Midjourney

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