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[Starfield Resource] Starfield: How To Pickpocket

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If you're aiming to amass wealth swiftly in the world of Starfield, mastering the art of pickpocketing can be your shortcut to success. This comprehensive guide unveils the secrets of pickpocketing and theft mechanics, helping you navigate the universe of Starfield with finesse.

The Art of Pickpocketing

While Starfield introduces a fresh setting, it retains familiar mechanics from Bethesda's Action RPGs. Pickpocketing, closely tied to Stealth mechanics, returns from previous games in the studio's repertoire, allowing you to discreetly obtain items from NPCs without their knowledge.

Unlocking Pickpocketing

  1. Choose the Right Background: During character creation, selecting the Cyber Runner or Gangster background immediately grants you pickpocketing abilities.
  2. Level Up to Unlock: If you choose a different background, you can still access pickpocketing by investing in the Theft skill. As you level up, you'll unlock the ability to pickpocket.
  3. Invest in Theft Skill: Allocate Skill Points to the Theft skill, which will open up a range of abilities, including pickpocketing.

Executing Pickpocketing

  1. Activate Stealth: To begin pickpocketing, enter Stealth mode and remain out of sight from NPCs, including your target.
    • Invest in Stealth Skill: Enhance your stealth abilities by investing Skill Points into the Stealth skill.
  2. Approach Your Target: While in Stealth mode and undetected, approach your target. A prompt will appear to initiate pickpocketing.
  3. Enter Target's Inventory: Upon initiating pickpocketing, you'll access your target's inventory, allowing you to select items to take.
  4. Select Items: Choose which items you want to pilfer from your target's inventory. The items you can take vary based on your pickpocketing skill level.
  5. Exit Unnoticed: After selecting items, exit the inventory screen and slip away unnoticed by your target.

Factors Affecting Success

  1. Skill Ranks: Your pickpocketing success is influenced by your Theft skill rank.
  2. Item Size: Starting with small items, your success odds increase as you rank up in Theft, allowing you to steal larger items.
  3. Success Odds: Each rank of Theft enhances your success odds by 10-20%, increasing your chances of successfully pickpocketing.

Pickpocket Difficulty Ranks

Blue = Very Easy
Green = Easy
Yellow = Medium
Red = Hard
Grey = Impossible

As your Theft skill advances, the color coding of pickpocketing difficulty will shift, reflecting your improved success odds.

Mastering the art of pickpocketing in Starfield requires finesse, strategy, and a keen eye for opportunities. By following these steps and honing your skills, you'll seamlessly integrate pickpocketing into your gameplay, opening doors to wealth and intrigue in the captivating universe of Starfield.

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