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[Starfield Resource] Starfield: How Often Do Vendor Credits Reset?

Uncrowned Guard

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In the vast cosmos of Starfield, vendors play a pivotal role in supplying players with essential goods and resources. However, encountering a vendor with depleted credits can pose a challenge. This guide offers a simple solution to address this issue and ensure a steady supply of credits from vendors.

How To Reset A Vendor's Depleted Credits

When you've traded extensively with a vendor, selling off a substantial portion of your goods, you might find that they've exhausted their available credits. This situation can leave you with valuable items to sell but no one to buy them. Fortunately, there's a straightforward method to reset a vendor's credits and continue trading.

  1. Locate a Bench or Bed: To reset a vendor's credits, find a nearby bench or bed. These resting spots are commonly found in various locations throughout the game.
  2. Pass Time: Interact with the bench or bed to access the "Pass Time" option. Use this feature to advance the in-game clock and allow time to elapse.
  3. Wait for Resupply: As time progresses, the vendor will have the opportunity to resupply their wares and replenish their credits. The specific duration of time required for this process to occur varies depending on the planet where the vendor is located.

How Long To Wait?

The duration of time needed to reset a vendor's credits varies depending on the planet they are situated on. Some vendors may restock after 24 hours, while others may take closer to 2 days. To simplify the waiting process, a good rule of thumb is to wait for a full 48 hours. This eliminates the guesswork and ensures that the vendor's credits are replenished.

Vendors With The Most Credits

If you're looking to maximize your trading potential and work with vendors who offer substantial credits, consider dealing with those who specialize in illegal goods and high-value items. Here are some notable vendors with substantial credits:

  1. Anya Griffon - Planet: Jemison
  2. Kaminski - Planet: Jemison
  3. Vladimir Sall - Planet: Jemison

For an even more lucrative trading experience, visit the Crimson Fleet's Zuri Abara on the Crimson Fleet's space station, located in the Kryx System. Zuri Abara is known for offering a considerable credit limit. You can sell up to 25,000 credits worth of items from your storage to Zuri before they need to restock.

By following these tips, you can effectively manage vendor credits in Starfield, ensuring a steady supply of resources and goods to support your cosmic adventures.

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