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[Starfield Resource] Starfield: How to Use Up All Available Oxygen

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In the vast and immersive universe of Starfield, players will find themselves embarking on epic journeys, exploring distant planets, and facing alien adversaries. As you traverse the cosmos, one of the key skills to develop is Fitness, which enhances your character's stamina and oxygen capacity. To master this skill, you'll need to use up all available oxygen over 100 times. In this guide, we'll show you how to efficiently achieve this task and improve your Fitness skill.

Understanding the Fitness Skill

Fitness is a crucial skill in Starfield, especially for players who plan to do a lot of running and exploration. This skill grants additional oxygen capacity, allowing you to sprint and engage in activities without worrying about running out of breath. Fitness is a starting skill for specific character backgrounds, including Beast Hunter, Bouncer, Soldier, and Xenobiologist. To unlock the full potential of Fitness, you must complete the following challenges:

  • Rank 1: Use all available Oxygen 20 times to gain a 10% oxygen capacity bonus.
  • Rank 2: Use all available Oxygen 50 times to gain a 20% oxygen capacity bonus.
  • Rank 3: Use all available Oxygen 100 times to gain a 30% oxygen capacity bonus.
  • Rank 4: N/A, but it reduces the oxygen cost of sprinting and power attacks.

Using All Available Oxygen in Starfield

To achieve the Fitness skill ranks and maximize your oxygen capacity, you'll want to use up all available oxygen in the game. The most straightforward way to accomplish this is by sprinting everywhere you go. As you sprint and consume oxygen, your character will eventually deplete the entire oxygen reserve and begin building up carbon dioxide (CO2). To fully complete the Fitness challenges, you'll also want to max out your CO2 level.

Even if you're approaching your objective or destination and notice that your oxygen or CO2 levels are nearly empty or full, don't stop sprinting. You can even run in circles to quickly reach your goal. While this may seem repetitive and somewhat dull, it's a valuable method to enhance your Fitness skill efficiently.

If sprinting becomes monotonous, you can also use power attacks to expend oxygen. Engaging in combat and performing power attacks will help you use up your available oxygen while keeping your character fit and improving their stamina.


In Starfield, mastering the Fitness skill is essential for explorers who want to maximize their oxygen capacity and endurance. Using up all available oxygen over 100 times may seem like a daunting task, but by sprinting everywhere you go and engaging in combat with power attacks, you can efficiently achieve this goal. Elevate your Fitness skill to gain significant oxygen capacity bonuses and explore the captivating universe of Starfield with confidence.

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