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Class Stats
Offense: 6
Defense: 6
Speed: 5
Objective: 5
Teamwork: 5
Solo: 8
Versatility: 10

Playstyle: Balanced
Focus: Gun Fighting & Versatility

Class Description

Infantry are prized for their versatility and overall effectiveness in firefights, objectives, and essentially all aspects of combat.  They are generally the core unit on teams and many times the preferred playstyle when going solo in matchmaking due to their lack of dependence on support units.   Not only can most infantry handle any situation thrown at them, but they can also often take control and dominate no matter what is happening around them.  We have always advised learning this playstyle and evolving from it to find your true calling while learning a new game.  Plus, it is great having a great fallback strategy if your specialized role falls apart or does not fit into your current team’s strategy.

Class Equipment - Weapons

Primary Suggestions

Versatile weapons are the goal of most infantry as lacking a weakness is often more effective than dominating everything.  This is the main reason that assault rifles have come to be the dominant infantry weapon of choice, as they are effective at all ranges and can handle a vast number of targets, armor, and situations.

Assault Rifles: As previously stated, these weapons pack a punch in a vast number of situations and are often considered to be the most versatile weapon available in nearly every shooter-related game.  Feel free to select the one most comfortable for you, or the one that best fits the map you are playing, as assault rifles will rarely let you down in this role.

  • Suggestions:¬†M5A3,¬†AK-24,¬†SFAR-M GL,¬†AC-42

Submachine Guns: While extremely short-ranged submachine guns should be left to the light infantry, the medium, and long-range ones can offer an infantry player high versatility while increasing close-range effectiveness on clustered maps.  Often nearly as versatile as assault rifles, submachine guns should not be overlooked as many maps will limit your average gunfight range to well within their ability anyway.

  • Suggestions:¬†PBX-45,¬†PP-29

Marksman Rifles: Often considered to be assault rifles or ‚Äúmarksman rifles‚ÄĚ, we prefer to separate semi-automatic, high-damage assault rifles as "battle rifles". ¬†These weapons are generally used by heavy infantry but can offer an infantry player more options in open or sniper-heavy maps. ¬†We often recommend using close-range-based secondary weapons to make up for the common lack of close-quarters abilities that these weapons have but battle rifles can easily open a map to infantry trying to compete in long-ranged gunfights.

  • Suggestions:¬†DM7,¬†VCAR

Operator Suggestions

Assault Operators: The Assault Operator group in Battlefield 2042 is tailored for the Infantry role, offering enhanced capabilities with assault rifles. While every operator in this category is a viable choice, preferences may vary based on specific situations and maps. Key figures include Mckay and Sundance, who excel in mobility, and Zain and Dozer, who are more gunfight-oriented. Dozer, with his unique shield ability and passive blast resistance, stands out despite his playstyle being slightly niche. His resistance to explosions is a significant asset in a game environment where explosive threats are common. It's important to note, however, that the assault rifle perk mainly provides extra ammunition. This may not always be a game-changer in direct confrontations, especially considering teammates' ability to resupply ammo, making this perk more of a convenience than a necessity.

  • Suggestions:¬†All

Support Operators: For the Support Operator class, the emphasis is on team support and resupply, aligning perfectly with Infantry roles frequently engaged in team-centric combat. Irish, in particular, offers a tactical advantage by allowing players to deploy cover, thus enhancing gunfights with improved defensive positioning. Other operators in this class focus on healing and resupply, proving invaluable in sustained frontline engagements. Additionally, the class's affinity for SMGs is advantageous in close-quarters combat, especially on smaller maps. Their inherent ability to resupply ammo further enhances their utility, potentially making them a more versatile choice than Assault operators in certain scenarios.

  • Suggestions:¬†All

Engineers and Recon Operators: Engineers and Recon Operators diverge into more specialized roles, offering no direct enhancements to standard Infantry weaponry. Their abilities and gadgets are designed for roles that support the team from positions not necessarily on the frontline. Most of their capabilities involve deployable equipment, which can be vulnerable to enemy actions, or abilities that might have drawbacks for the player. While these classes are not entirely ineffectual for Infantry, their utility is more situational, requiring a more strategic approach to maximize their effectiveness in supporting the team and contributing to the overall battlefield objectives.

  • Suggestions:¬†Lis, Crawford,¬†Blasco,¬†Paik,¬†Rao

Class Equipment - Other

Infantry should be geared towards handling any situation, environment, or opponent thrown at them.  This can often be achieved by the gear that they use and having secondary equipment available to make you more versatile when the need arises

Throwable Items and Grenades: High-damage, throw-and-forget style equipment (like frags, claymores, and timed explosives) are preferred for most Infantry.  They provide fast and effective relief for those "oh no" moments, while also being able to handle offensive and defensive tactics without the need to change out gear. Disorientating style grenades can also be a highly effective weapon, just remember to keep it simple as your goal is to supplement your gun fighting, not to put on a show.

  • Suggestions:¬†Frag Grenade,¬†Smoke Grenade

Gadgets: Infantry Class players must adeptly utilize their gadgets to enhance their versatility on the battlefield. These gadgets can be pivotal in countering major threats encountered on the frontline, such as vehicles or fortified positions. For instance, anti-vehicle launchers can neutralize enemy armor, significantly reducing the threat to your team. Similarly, using reconnaissance gadgets like motion sensors can reveal enemy positions, providing your team with a tactical advantage. Additionally, Infantry should not overlook the importance of team support. Gadgets like ammo crates or medical packs are crucial in sustaining your team's fighting capability, especially during prolonged engagements. By balancing offensive and defensive gadgetry, Infantry Class players can adapt to a wide range of combat scenarios, effectively supporting their team while countering enemy strategies. This strategic use of gadgets not only bolsters their own survival and effectiveness but also plays a crucial role in the overall success of their squad.

  • Suggestions:¬†Recoilless M5,¬†FXM-33 AA Missile,¬†Ammo Crate,¬†Med Pen

Class Use - Communication

Infantry players are great communicators as they often sit in high combat areas, but at a decent distance to see what is happening.  While communication will not necessarily make or break an infantry class player, the proper use of it can make a huge difference on a team.  Making call-outs of opponent locations is beneficial to both your teammates and you as it tells light infantry where to head while flanking and informs your heavy infantry where to cover fire during engagements if their vision point is not the best.  Not to mention that calling out when you get eliminated and what caused it (such as a big opponent push) can vastly help your teammates from getting blindsided by someone or wasting a flanking run just to find an empty room that they thought you had opponents pinned in.  Remember, you are the front-line unit and are very often the first to know what is happening, do not be the only one to know.

Class Use - Close Quarters

Infantry are highly effective at all ranges if they have a standard setup.  The main problem with close quarters is the lack of time and room to adapt and use their versatility to its fullest.  This is where it is often best to improvise before having to react to a given situation.  Do not be afraid to pop the close-range grenades off or play a little more defensive to get the advantage over an opponent.  The main thing to watch out for is opponents using light infantry or recon-based setups as these players will be in their home field and can unleash a deadly number of close-range weapons against you.  However, many light infantry and recon units are overconfident in their abilities to dominate infantry at close range and will underestimate your abilities, forcing them to chase you and becoming overly aggressive toward you is a great way to move the odds in your favor.

Class Use - Medium Range

Medium range is truly the home of the infantry player base.  This is where no class should be able to consistently defeat you and where any objective is achievable.  Your weapons can extend your range or shorten it as needed but generally, an infantry’s primary weapon and playstyle are geared towards medium-ranged gunfights.  This range is where other classes are going to try and outthink you or simply avoid you until they can get themselves into an advantage.  Beware of light infantry flanks and heavy infantry trying to get an advantage over you with teamwork and fire support.  Also, never be overaggressive, while you should dominate this range, the idea of running over everyone else and avoiding tactics will turn things against you faster than you can adjust.

Class Use - Long Range

While most Infantry can handle longer-ranged gunfights without a problem, the ability to adapt and change will aid the infantry with any shortcomings.  Most infantry player weapons and gear can handle long-range engagements quite well, but due to your close-range skills, never be afraid to push up a little bit before starting an engagement.  Also, watch out for heavy infantry utilizing their long-range firepower on you as they could just be using their range to their advantage or just as likely using it to distract you from their teammate behind you.

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