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What is Snaking?

In the Call of Duty community, "snaking" is a term that refers to a specific movement mechanic used by players. It involves rapidly alternating between the prone and crouch positions while behind cover, often used to gain a tactical advantage in-game. Snaking is a controversial technique, often debated among professional and esports enthusiasts due to its impact on gameplay.

How to Perform Snaking

The Basics

  • Key Movements: Snaking is performed by quickly switching between prone and crouch positions.
  • Utilizing Sprint: To snake effectively, use the Sprint button. Without sprinting, the movement is slower and less effective.

Types of Snaking

  1. Crouch Snaking
    • Press the 'Crouch' button/keybind and then immediately hit the 'Sprint' button.
    • Alternate between these buttons to execute the snaking movement.
  2. Prone Snaking
    • Use the 'Prone' button in conjunction with the 'Sprint' button.
    • You can also alternate between prone and crouch, but adding sprint is more effective.

Advantages of Snaking

  • Dodging Bullets: It allows players to evade enemy fire effectively.
  • Gaining Intel: Snaking can be used to gather information on enemy positions.
  • Peeker’s Advantage: It provides a significant advantage in gunfights, making it difficult for opponents to target effectively.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: It simplifies strategic choices, particularly in intense combat situations.

The Controversy and Competitive Play

Debates in the Community

  • Undefeatable Strategy?: From an opponent's perspective, countering a player who is snaking can be extremely challenging.
  • Esports and Snaking: Many professionals in the esports community advocate for restrictions on snaking in competitive play.

Is Snaking Banned?

  • Current Status: As of now, snaking is not officially banned in most Call of Duty tournaments or regular gameplay.
  • Community Perception: While allowed, players who use snaking extensively may not receive full recognition for their victories, as some consider it an unfair advantage.

Conclusion: The Role of Snaking in CoD

Snaking in Call of Duty represents a tactical edge that players can exploit, but it comes with its share of controversy. As with many competitive games, players often find and use advantageous tactics like snaking to gain an upper hand. While it remains a significant part of the Call of Duty meta, the ongoing debate in the community continues, with some calling for its restriction in professional play. For now, snaking remains a viable, albeit contentious, strategy in the ever-evolving landscape of Call of Duty.

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