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[MWIII Resource] Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies: Ammo Mods & Damage Types

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In the intense and challenging world of MW3 Zombies, mastering the various Ammo Mods can significantly enhance your team's effectiveness against the undead hordes. Each mod offers unique damage types that cater to different situations, especially when venturing into high-threat zones. Understanding these mods is key to tactical success.


Brain Rot


  • Damage Type: Toxic Damage.
  • Effect:¬†Randomly infects a zombie with Brain Rot upon being shot. The infected zombie temporarily becomes an ally, attacking other zombies.

Cryo Freeze

Cryo Freeze

  • Damage Type:¬†Freeze Damage.
  • Effect:¬†Enemies hit by this mod slow down significantly and become more susceptible to damage. It's particularly effective in controlling fast-moving¬†zombies and creating crowd-control opportunities.

Dead Wire

Dead Wire

  • Damage Type:¬†Electric Damage.
  • Effect:¬†This mod randomly applies a shock state to enemies. Shocked enemies are temporarily stunned, providing a strategic advantage by halting their advance and making them easy targets.

Napalm Burst

Napalm Burst

  • Damage Type:¬†Fire Damage.
  • Effect:¬†Enemies hit by this mod catch fire, receiving damage over time. This is especially useful for dealing with large groups, as the fire can spread, affecting multiple zombies simultaneously.

Shatter Blast

Shatter Blast

  • Damage Type:¬†Explosive Damage.
  • Effect:¬†Bullets become mini-grenades that explode upon impact. This mod is ideal for crowd control, as the explosive damage can affect multiple enemies in a radius, making it an excellent choice for dealing with dense zombie groups.

Utilizing Ammo Mods Effectively

  • Strategic Use: Choose mods based on the situation and the type of zombies you are facing. For example, Cryo Freeze is excellent for slowing down fast attackers, while Shatter Blast can deal with large groups efficiently.
  • Team Coordination:¬†Coordinate with your team to use a mix of mods, maximizing the overall effectiveness and creating synergies between different types of damage.
  • Mission Completion:¬†Some Act missions may require specific mods. Being familiar with each type allows for quick adaptation and mission success.
  • Don't forget to check out our guide on how to unlock all the mods here:¬†Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies: How To Get All Ammo Mods


Ammo Mods in MW3 Zombies aren't just about dealing extra damage; they are about adding strategic depth to your gameplay. Each mod offers a unique way to tackle the undead menace, whether you're controlling crowds, slowing down enemies, or turning them against each other. Master these mods, and you'll be well-prepared to face whatever horrors Urzikstan throws your way.

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