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[Starfield Resource] Starfield: Leveling System & Max Level

Uncrowned Guard

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Starfield Leveling System Overview

  • XP Acquisition: Players earn experience points (XP) by engaging in various activities within the game. Each action that contributes to your progression also contributes to your XP.
  • Level Up and Skill Points: Gaining XP leads to leveling up, and each level up grants skill points. These points can be used to unlock or upgrade skills from a wide selection of options.

Max Level and Skill Point Utilization

  • Infinite Leveling: In "Starfield," there is no maximum level cap. Players can continue to level up indefinitely, enhancing the longevity of gameplay and character development.
  • Optimal Level for Skill Mastery: To fully unlock and upgrade all skills to their maximum (4th level), players need to reach level 328. Beyond this point, although players can continue leveling up, it won't further enhance skill capabilities.

New Game Plus System

  • Repeated Playthroughs: The New Game Plus system in "Starfield" allows players to replay the game with the same character, maintaining their progression and reaching even higher levels.

Late Game Level Scaling

  • Enemy XP and Level: The XP gained from enemies is based on the enemy's level. This level scaling considers two main factors:
    • System Recommended Level: Each system has a recommended level, setting a baseline for enemy levels in that system.
    • Player's Level: Beyond the system's recommended level, the player's level significantly influences the enemy's level, ensuring challenges scale with the player's progression.
  • High-Level XP Farming: For players aiming to reach or surpass level 328, enemies whose levels are close to the player's level will still provide sufficient XP for leveling up at these higher levels.


The leveling system in "Starfield" offers a unique and extensive experience for players, with no maximum level and an optimal level of 328 for skill mastery. The New Game Plus system further enriches this experience by allowing continuous character progression across multiple playthroughs. Understanding the late-game level scaling is crucial for players targeting high levels, as it ensures a consistent challenge and efficient XP gain. With this guide, players can strategically plan their progression to build the strongest character possible in "Starfield."

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