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[Starfield Resource] Starfield: How to Cure Addictions

Uncrowned Guard

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Surviving the challenges of Starfield often means managing various elements, including the player character's health and well-being. Addiction in the game is a critical aspect that impacts your character's performance, and knowing how to cure these addictions is crucial for maintaining effectiveness. This guide will provide you with detailed steps to overcome addiction in Starfield, whether you're a bounty hunter, space trucker, or a member of Constellation.

Understanding the Impact of Addiction

  • Debuffs and Effects: Addictions in Starfield bring several debuffs affecting health, oxygen levels, damage, and defense.
  • Persistence: Unlike other medical conditions, addiction doesn't resolve with minor medical aids or rest.

Methods to Cure Addiction

Visiting a Clinic

  • Most Accessible Option: Clinics are widespread, making them a convenient choice for most players.
  • Cost: Treatment for addiction costs approximately 450 credits, which is affordable for most players.

Using Addichrone

  • Temporary Solution: Addichrone is an aid item available at most vendors, designed to suppress addiction for 10 minutes.
  • Cost-Effective: This is a cheaper but temporary method.
  • Usage Recommendations: Ideal for use during critical missions or battles when you need peak performance.

Applying Junk Flush

  • Permanent Cure: Junk Flush can remove all addictions at once.
  • Higher Cost: It is more expensive than Addichrone, priced at around 700 credits.
  • Availability: Available from various vendors throughout the game.

Special Considerations for Aurora Quest Line

  • Preparation for Drug Kingpin Quest Line: If you're engaging with Aurora on Neon, stock up on Junk Flush to manage addiction effectively during this challenging quest line.


Managing addiction in Starfield is essential for maintaining your character's effectiveness. Whether you choose a quick fix like Addichrone for immediate relief or a more permanent solution like Junk Flush, dealing with addiction is a key aspect of survival and success in the game. By following these steps, you can ensure your character stays in top condition, ready to face the myriad challenges of the Settled Systems. Remember to always be prepared, especially when undertaking intense quests or exploring new territories.

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