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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies brings a unique twist to the Zombies experience, introducing the option to have a friendly Hellhound as a companion. This guide will explain how to find and summon these loyal defenders to aid you in your battles against the undead hordes.

How to Find and Summon Friendly Hellhounds

Acquiring Chunk of Flesh

  • Source: Chunks of Flesh are random drops from defeated zombies.
  • Tip for Acquisition: Engaging larger groups of zombies with explosive weapons increases the likelihood of obtaining a Chunk of Flesh.

Locating the Doghouse

  • Use of Map: Once you have a Chunk of Flesh, open your map and look for a Point of Interest labeled 'Doghouse'.
  • Exploration: Doghouses only appear on the map when you are near them, so explore the world to find them.
  • Interaction: Upon finding a Doghouse, clear any nearby enemies, then interact with it (Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox).

Summoning the Hellhound

  • Offering the Chunk of Flesh: Deposit the Chunk of Flesh in the Doghouse to summon a friendly Hellhound.
  • Note: It takes a minimum of one chunk in low threat, two in medium threat, and three in high threat to summon a hellhound.  Each tier summons a stronger dog and see below for what happens if you put 4 chunks in a high-tier doghouse.
  • Health Management: Monitor the Hellhound’s health as it can be overwhelmed and killed in combat.

Resummoning a Fallen Hellhound

  • Finding Another Doghouse: If your Hellhound dies, repeat the process at a different Doghouse to summon it again.

How to Get Unlimited Self-Revives with a Tier 3 Friendly Hellhound

Locating the Tier 3 Doghouse

  • Map Location: The Tier 3 Doghouse is located in the E4 zone within threat level 3.

Summoning Tier 3 Hellhound

  • Procedure: Place the four Chunks of Flesh at the front of the Tier 3 Doghouse to summon the Hellhound.
  • Benefits: This Tier 3 Hellhound offers unlimited self-revives due to its infinite health.

Utilizing the Tier 3 Friendly Hellhound

  • Revival Capability: The Tier 3 Hellhound can revive you an unlimited number of times.
  • Companion in Combat: Use this powerful ally to complete high-level contracts and earn significant rewards like the Ray Gun or high-tier perk Schematics.
  • Protection for Valuables: The Hellhound ensures you don’t lose valuable items during challenging encounters.


Having a friendly Hellhound in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies can significantly enhance your gameplay, offering protection, companionship, and an invaluable self-revive feature, especially at Tier 3. By following these steps to summon and utilize these loyal companions, players can navigate the zombie apocalypse with a significant tactical advantage. Remember to keep exploring and engaging in combat to maintain your Hellhound and reap the benefits of this unique feature in MW3 Zombies.

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