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Twitch Introduces New DMCA Guidelines

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1834136175_2021_07.22-TwitchIntroducesNewDMCAGuidelines.png.d794eeab58ddf561a0894be4cf79d14d.pngThe DMCA problems faced by Twitch streamers have certainly been a widespread and confusing mess within the community.  From content creators being unsure of what will be deemed copyrighted material, to Twitch releasing limited information about the procedures.  Thankfully, Twitch has released new guidelines about DMCA policies and overall, they do clear up many of the unknowns.

The best news to come forth from these new guidelines is that Twitch will be focusing on repeat offenders and trying to keep new/accidental offenders running on the platform.  A three-strike rule (like YouTube currently uses) will help the platform identify repeat copyright infringers.  The guidelines also reference that those strikes will be removed from accounts over time but do not give any detail to this.

Twitch will also be using a very “YouTube-like” counter strike system where content creators can fight a DMCA strike placed on their content.  Granted YouTube has been mentioned many times in this article and that is a good thing as YouTube has years of experience dealing with DCMA claims, but it is also not a great model to follow if you ask many of the YouTube creators who are still dealing with numerous DCMA issues.

View the full guidelines here: https://www.twitch.tv/p/en/legal/dmca-guidelines/

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