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Rumor: Ubisoft+ is Coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2021

Uncrowned Guard

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seige.thumb.jpg.3cce011c88ab2177ea3b67fcd182ace5.jpgThe past days have been full of rumors about Ubisoft+ coming to Xbox Game Pass and there is some weight behind these rumors.  The "leak" that is fueling these rumors seems to be a simple posting from Xbox that list "Microsoft obtaining publishing rights to an unannounced AAA surprise" which could be essentially anything from a single game to a full studio partnership, or a second EA Play style integration.

When did this leak turn into an Ubisoft+ deal?  Well, that seems to be the problem as sources just starting sending Tweets and articles about it without any reliable source to backup the claim.  There is also the problem of Ubisoft+ only offering one tier and it is unlikely that we will see a major publisher drop all their AAA games on Game Pass day one.

However, Ubisoft does work with Game Pass often and stranger things have happened in the gaming world.  Perhaps even if this rumor is false, the excitement and momentum that it is creating will fuel an actual deal with the two companies.  It is far too early to see how EA Play on Game Pass has benefited EA, but it is fairly safe to assume that it did not hurt the company and that may be all Ubisoft needs to jump in.

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