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Blowing Up The ROCKET!!!!!

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Battlefield 2042 Orbital Map has a rocket that you can make explode during the game.  It is pretty cool and you should make sure you do it at least once!

Once the large arms that hold the rocket in place lower down to expose the rocket it is fair game to ruin it!  Just start firing anything and everything explosive at the base of the rocket until it changes it's appearance to a burning shell and then it will take off and explode!  this will alter the map around and might kill you in the process.  

The amount of damage needed is quite high and the timeframe is only a few minutes.  So you may need to use multiple players and vehicles to achieve this, but might sure you at leas blow the thing up once!

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I did blew up that rocket when I was playing Battlefield 2042, fortunately I didn't get killed when the whole thing blew up. I would say that it's one of the things I only enjoyed in playing the game. 

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