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Uncrowned Gaming: What's Popular

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Check what has been popular around Uncrowned Gaming lately and don't be afraid to jump into some conversations!

New Guides

Infantry - Infantry are prized for their versatility and overall effectiveness in firefights, objectives, and essentially all aspects of combat.  They are generally the core unit on teams and many times the preferred play style when going solo in matchmaking due to their lack of dependence on support units...

Heavy Infantry - Heavy Infantry are slower, more conservative Infantry, they excel in front line support and can turn the tide in any gun fight.  Heavy Infantry use supportive tactics to aide team members in gun fights but need to remain versatile enough to survive or preferably win in one-on-one matches....

Light Infantry - Light Infantry are faster, more aggressive Infantry, they excel in offense tactics and are capable of providing pressure on any opposing team.  Light Infantry use aggressive tactics in gun fights, but need to be versatile enough to dig in and support a team fight...

Popular Topics

Is there anything to not like with Infinite? - Halo Infinite looks great!  But does your impression of the game compare to others?

Your Favorite Shooter? - Their are more shooters than most can count, but what one is your favorite?

What's Your Genre of Choice -- Outside of Shooters! - Apparently games that are not shooters exist, so what is your favorite genre of game?

 Gaming News & Upcoming Releases 

Halo Infinite Competitive Settings Released - 343 Industries, the dev of Halo Infinite, has finally released the settings that will be used in competitive matchmaking.  Well, at least the general guideline of settings being used and a good explanation on what players can expect in their recent blog. The blog also stated these settings will b...

Dbrand’s PS5 Darkplates Pulled from Sale - Dbrand started selling custom black side plates for the PS5 to offer users options over the factory white plates early this year.  The company is well known for selling custom skins and other user customization items for popular electronic devices, but Sony has never been much of a fan of this...

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Details Released - Hazard Zone has been an unknown game mode of the upcoming Battlefield game since the game’s announcement and details of the mode itself were limited at best.  However, EA has released an informative post about the mode and while we still lack many details, it clears up a lot of...


So come and check out our growing community!!
-Uncrowned Guard

Uncrowned Gaming - https://uncrownedgaming.com/

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