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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta Release Notes

Uncrowned Guard

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta Release Notes
  • 2 days ago
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Beta Overview

Halo Infinite multiplayer is now available as a free public beta. For instructions on how to download and install the game check the article How to install Halo Infinite multiplayer on PC and Xbox consoles. PC players should also refer to the PC hardware specifications and recommended drivers for Halo Infinite.

This release includes eleven different multiplayer modes between Arena and Big Team Battle. Each mode has different challenges and victory conditions.

Arena multiplayer for up to 8 players includes:

  • Modes
    • Slayer
    • Capture the Flag
    • Oddball
    • Strongholds
  • Maps
    • Live Fire
    • Behemoth
    • Streets
    • Recharge
    • Aquarius
    • Bazaar
    • Launch Site

Big Team Battle (BTB) for up to 24 players includes:

  • Modes
    • Slayer
    • Total Control
    • Capture the Flag
    • Stockpile
  • Maps
    • Deadlock
    • Fragmentation
    • High Power

You can find out more about how these modes are played in our Guide to Halo Infinite multiplayer game mode rules.

Halo Support has a range of new player guides and other support articles for Halo Infinite.

Known Issues

Working with the developers, we have compiled a list of known issues. A few of the highest impact issues are:

  • The Background Recording feature in Windows 10 and the Record What Happened feature in Windows 11 can cause performance issues when enabled.
    • Turning these features off improves performance. They can be turned off in the Capture Settings menu in Windows 10 and the Captures menu in Windows 11.
  • Some first-person animations may stutter at 60 FPS or higher.
  • In Ranked Arena playlists, completed matches occasionally do not count toward your rank and will not show in the stats at the end of the match.
  • Plugging in a mouse & keyboard during an active game session on an Xbox console locks the player to a 45 degree look radius.
    • This issue does not occur if the mouse is already plugged in when the game is launched.

For a full list of known issues for Halo Infinite go to our Known Issues.

Resolved Issues

In future patch overviews Halo Support will list bug fixes in this section. If you find an issue in-game and would like to report it to the development team, please submit a ticket.

If you would like to provide feedback that is not a bug, we encourage you to post in the Halo forums.

Balance Changes

When there is a balance change in future updates, Halo Support will include these in our release notes.

Further Resources

  • If you experience problems with your Xbox console or Game Pass, Xbox Support can help you.
  • If you have problems with your account or purchases, Microsoft Support can help you.
  • If you experience a problem in Steam that is not an in-game issue, please contact Steam Support.
  • Halo Infinite (Campaign) is available for pre-order and will go live on December 8.
  • If you missed out on Halo Infinite Tech Previews this summer and want a chance to participate in future flights, sign up for the Halo Insider Program


Full Notes: https://support.halowaypoint.com/hc/en-us/articles/4410495674772-Halo-Infinite-Multiplayer-Beta-Release-Notes

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  • 1 year later...

I have never been one to take on playing Beta versions of any video games but my love for Halo Games had me give this Halo Infinite Beta Multiplayer Beta version a good go and it wasn't that bad. I'd rate the Beta version of the game 7/10. 

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