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Bungie 30th Anniversary Event

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A new edition of Destiny is coming and at $100 for new players or $25 for players with up-to-date DLC packs is now arrival for pre order!

Here is the Edition details, listed as of 12/07/2021:

Deluxe Edition 30th Anniv. Bundle
  • New Campaign
  • Weapon Crafting
  • New Glaive Weapon Archetype
  • New Raid
  • Exotic Gear
  • New 6-player Activity

Pre-Order Instant Unlocks

  • Throne World Exotic Ghost Shell
  • The Enigma Exotic Emote
  • Legendary Emblem

Deluxe Edition

  • Exotic SMG, Catalyst, and Ornament
  • Access to Seasons 16, 17, 18, and 19
  • 2 Dungeons Released in Year 5
  • Throne World Exotic Sparrow

30th Anniversary Pack

  • New Dungeon
  • Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher, Catalyst, and Ornament
  • New Weapons Inspired by Past Bungie Worlds
  • Thorn Armor Set
  • Bungie Streetwear Ornament Set
  • Marathon Themed Ornament Set
  • Unique Helmet Ornament
  • Exotic Sparrows
  • Exotic Ship
  • Emblems, Shaders, Emotes, and More
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I was almost tempted to pre order the game because of the 3 instant unlocks of Throne World Exotic Ghost Shell, The Enigma Exotic Emote and Legendary Emblem but at one point I had to decline doing it. It's been a great game so far. 

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