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343 Ends Support For Halo Wars 2

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The 4 year old Halo based RTS game has officially come to an end per a blog post by 343.  The post did not mention shutting down the servers or anything along those lines, but 343 will no longer release patches or preform changes to the game.  This also means that there will no longer be any additional content for the game and a port to Steam is essentially dead.  Although they did mention that the team would ensure the game continues to work "as is".

It is a sad day for the fairly large player base still playing multiplayer but 343 has done an excellent job in my eyes at supporting the game this long after it never really preformed well.  Halo Wars 3 was not addressed in any manner but it is safe to say that it is not in 343's immediate road map for the Halo Series.

The post makes it sound like all the staff helping with Halo Wars 2 had been moved to Halo Infinite and/or other projects in the company.  Check out the video by TeamRespawn who have been dedicated to the game since day one and continue to be going forward.


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I believe that 343 Industries supported the game long enough, so it's time then pulled out their support for it and have it invested in their more recent Halo games (Halo Infinite and the rest). I know that some players who are into the multiplayer would feel bad, but that's how gaming business works, they won't support old games forever. 

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