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[Starfield Resource] Starfield: Companion Recruitment Guide

Uncrowned Guard

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In Starfield, companions are more than just allies; they're crucial for your journey across the vast Settled Systems. With at least 20 named companions available, this guide will provide a detailed roadmap to recruiting each one, ensuring you're never alone in your space odyssey.

Constellation Companions: Your Core Team

Joining Process: Automatically join through progression in the Constellation faction.


  • Andreja: Found during the "Into The Unknown" quest. She excels in stealth and weapon systems, making her ideal for covert operations.
  • Barrett: The first Constellation member you meet. Rescue him from pirates to recruit. His expertise lies in Starship Engineering and Robotics, crucial for ship maintenance and battles.
  • Sam Coe: An ex-Freestar Ranger, recruitable at The Lodge. His background offers skills like Piloting and Geology, great for exploration and combat.
  • Sarah Morgan: As the leader of Constellation, she joins your crew after reaching The Lodge. Her skills in Astrodynamics and Lasers are vital for navigation and combat.
  • Vasco: Barrett's robot companion. Joins after meeting Barrett, with skills in Aneutronic Fusion and Shield Systems, enhancing your ship's defenses.

Hireable Companions: Specialists for Hire

How to Hire: Found in various bars, these companions require Credits for their services. Persuasion can reduce hiring costs.


  • Andromeda Kepler: Located at The Broken Spear on Cydonia. Her Outpost Engineering and Piloting skills are invaluable for outpost construction and navigation.
  • Dani Garcia: A researcher in Euphorika, Neon. Her expertise in Chemistry and Robotics enhances your ability to handle complex scientific challenges.
  • Gideon Aker: Found in The Viewport, New Atlantis. Specializes in Ballistic and Missile Weapons Systems, crucial for heavy combat situations.
  • Jessamine Griffin: A Crimson Fleet member in The Last Nova, The Key. Skilled in Theft and Ballistics Weapons Systems, perfect for aggressive encounters.
  • Omari Hassan: From the Freestar Collective in The Hitching Post, Akila City. His Shield Systems and Starship Engineering skills are great for enhancing your ship's capabilities.
  • Marika Boros: In The Viewport, New Atlantis. Specializes in Shotgun Certification, Ballistics, and Particle Beam Weapon Systems.
  • Mickey Caviar: Found in The Astral Lounge in Neon. Skills include Gastronomy, Wellness, and Incapacitation.
  • Rosie Tannehill: Another member from Freestar Collective in The Hitching Post, Akila City. Her skills are in Medicine and Wellness.
  • Simeon Bankowski: At The Viewport, New Atlantis. His skills are in Sharpshooting, Sniper Certification, and Marksmanship.
  • Sophia Grace: A member of The Disciples in Madam Sauvage's, Neon. Specializes in Stealth and Lasers.

Recruitable Companions: Unique Allies

Recruitment Criteria: Specific missions or conditions must be met for these companions to join.


  • Adoring Fan: Available for players with the Hero Worshipped Trait, found in New Atlantis. His skills in Scavenging and Concealment are great for stealth missions.
  • Amelia Earhart: Located on Charybdis III after completing Operation Starseed. A legendary figure with unparalleled piloting skills.
  • Heller: Saved during Barrett's rescue mission. Specializes in Geology, ideal for mining and resource gathering.
  • Lin: Leads the initial mining operation, recruitable upon return. Her skills in Demolition and Outpost Management are key for outpost development.
  • Rafael Aguerro: Found in Nishina Research Lab, Freya III. His expertise in Outpost Engineering and Management makes him an asset for any outpost.

Randomized Companions: The Wildcards

Finding Them: Randomly generated companions are available in bars across the Settled Systems.
Specialization Examples:

  • Defense Systems Specialist: Focuses solely on improving your ship's defense systems.
  • Missile Weapons Specialist: Expert in enhancing and managing missile weapons systems.
  • Payload Specialist: Specializes in managing and optimizing payloads for various missions.
  • Propulsion Specialist: Focuses on improving and maintaining your ship's propulsion systems.

Common Questions

  • Can't find a specific companion? Each companion has a unique location and set of requirements. Explore different areas and complete various quests to encounter them.
  • How to best utilize companions? Assign companions based on their skills and your current needs, whether it's ship management, combat, or exploration.


Recruiting the right companions in "Starfield" is essential for a fulfilling and successful journey. Each companion brings a unique set of skills and personality to your crew, enhancing your exploration and combat capabilities. Use this guide to find and recruit the best companions the galaxy has to offer and embark on an unforgettable adventure through the Settled Systems.

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