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[MWIII Resource] Call of Duty: MW3 (2023): Engagement Optimised Matchmaking (EOMM)

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In the world of online gaming, matchmaking systems play a crucial role in shaping player experience. In Call of Duty, a new term has emerged alongside the well-known Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) โ€“ Engagement Optimised Matchmaking (EOMM). While SBMM focuses on matching players of similar skill levels, EOMM is speculated to be a more nuanced, engagement-driven approach, though its existence in "Call of Duty" remains unconfirmed and speculative.

EOMM stands for Engagement Optimised Matchmaking, a theoretical algorithm-driven system designed to enhance player engagement. The core idea is that EOMM doesn't just match players based on skill but also tailors the gaming experience based on individual preferences and behaviors to keep players engaged for longer periods.

How Does EOMM Work?

The hypothesis around EOMM suggests that it monitors player performance and adjusts their matchmaking experience accordingly. For instance, if a player is consistently performing poorly and nearing a point of frustration, EOMM might place them in a game with less skilled opponents, giving them a better chance of winning and experiencing a sense of accomplishment. This boost could re-engage the player, motivating them to continue playing.

This cycle of challenge and reward, as theorized, is a continuous process. After experiencing success, a player might be placed back into more challenging matches, keeping the gameplay experience varied and engaging. The aim is to strike a balance between difficulty and enjoyment, preventing players from feeling either overwhelmed or bored.

EOMM: A Conspiracy Theory?

There are more extreme claims about EOMM affecting various aspects of gameplay, like hit registration, health regeneration, and even aim assist. These theories suggest that EOMM could make subtle adjustments to give players a temporary advantage, enhancing their gameplay experience. For instance, if a player struggles with aiming, EOMM might temporarily increase aim assist, creating a false sense of improvement and encouraging continued play. However, these are unconfirmed speculations and should be treated as such.

The discussion around EOMM in Call of Duty is rife with conjecture and unverified claims. While the idea of a system designed to enhance player engagement isn't far-fetched, given the industry's focus on player retention, there is no concrete evidence to confirm its existence in "Call of Duty." Players and community members often debate this topic, using personal experiences and perceived game mechanics to support their arguments.


In conclusion, while the existence of EOMM in Call of Duty is a matter of debate and speculation, understanding the concept is crucial for players who are keen on dissecting the game's matchmaking mechanics. Whether real or not, the discussion around EOMM highlights the gaming community's interest in how matchmaking systems can affect the gaming experience. For now, it remains part of the larger conversation about how game developers balance skill, challenge, and engagement to create compelling gaming experiences.

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