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[MWIII Resource] Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies: Completing Freezer Burn Mission

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Modern Warfare 3 (2023) Zombies introduces unique storytelling and challenging missions across its gameplay. The Freezer Burn mission, set in the eerie landscape of Urzikstan, is a prime example of this. This guide will help you navigate through the mission's objectives, focusing on the use of the Cryo Freeze ammo mod to successfully complete the Act 1 tier 3 mission.

Mission Overview

In the Freezer Burn mission, players face the task of utilizing a special ammo modification - Cryo Freeze. This ammo is key to achieving the mission's goals, which involve slowing down and eliminating zombies and hellhounds.

Objectives of the Freezer Burn Mission

  • Slow 50 Zombies: Using Cryo Freeze ammo, players must slow down 50 zombies.ย 
  • Slow 10 Hellhounds: Similarly, 10 hellhounds must be slowed using the same ammo mod.

The Cryo Freeze ammo temporarily freezes these enemies, making them easier to kill.


Upon completion, players are rewarded with a Baseball Fan Calling Card and 1500 points of experience (XP).

Acquiring Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod

  • Aether Nest: Locate a nearby Aether Nest and clear it by targeting the yellow glowing eyes. Rewards from chests in the cleared area will usually contain at least one type of ammo mod, potentially including Cryo Freeze.
  • Contracts: Generally harder than an Aether Nest (although cargo missions are quite easy), these can also drop ammo mods as random loot.
  • Crafting or Rewards: The Cryo Freeze ammo mod can either be crafted using schematics or obtained as a reward for completing the "Take Up Arms" mission in Act 1.
  • Elemental Pop Machines: If you've already used your Cryo Freeze ammo, another method is to purchase a random ammo type from Elemental Pop Machines for 2000 points. This randomly applies an ammo effect your shots, it can be quite a grind using this method alone.

Freezing Hellhounds

Hellhounds in the Freezer Burn mission of MW3 Zombies present a unique challenge. They are not only difficult to find but also to effectively freeze with the Cryo Freeze ammo. Here are some strategies to increase your success rate in slowing down these swift and dangerous foes.

  • Use Low-Damage, Short-Range Weapons: Opt for guns with lower per-shot damage and shorter range, such as pistols. These weapons allow you to fire more shots at a hellhound before it reaches you, thereby increasing the chances of activating the Cryo Freeze effect.
  • Engage from a Distance: Maintain a safe distance when engaging hellhounds. This tactic gives you more time to shoot and freeze them before they can close the gap and inflict damage.
  • Aim for the body: Try your best to avoid killing the hound in a single headshot, single shot kills do not count towards ammo effects.

Level 2 Hellhounds

  • Consider Advancing to Level 2: If you find the hellhounds in the initial area too elusive or easy to kill, you might want to push into Level 2. The hellhounds here are hardier, providing more opportunities to hit them with the Cryo Freeze ammo.
  • Drive Around the Map: Utilize vehicles to navigate the map safely. Only exit the vehicle when you spot hellhounds to engage them. This strategy keeps you mobile and reduces the risk of being overwhelmed by other zombies.
  • Be Prepared for Higher Damage: Be aware that Level 2 zombies, including hellhounds, inflict more damage. Stay vigilant and keep your health in check.

Strategy Tips

  • Balancing Act: Focus on balancing your attack between zombies and hellhounds. Prioritize slowing them down before aiming for kills.
  • Use of Environment: Utilize the terrain of Urzikstan to funnel enemies into manageable groups.
  • Resource Management: Conserve your Cryo Freeze ammo by aiming accurately and only using it when necessary.
  • Team Coordination: If playing in a team, coordinate your efforts to cover more ground and protect each other while targeting zombies and hellhounds.


The Freezer Burn mission in MW3 Zombies offers a thrilling challenge that tests your combat skills and strategic thinking. By securing and effectively using the Cryo Freeze ammo mod, you can successfully complete the mission and earn valuable rewards. Remember to adapt your strategies to the evolving situations and work efficiently to slow down and eliminate the required number of zombies and hellhounds.

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