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Halo Missing From Xbox Summer Game Fest

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xbox_showcase.thumb.png.7c09150b89094f3b73abfa7ec53ca37b.pngWhile Summer Game Fest is focused on upcoming releases and demos many fans were expecting information about upcoming Halo Infinite features that have been promised in the coming months. Halo Infinite’s co-op campaign and forge mode are both expected to be released in the coming months along with more live service features and content for the multiplayer. Not to mention the campaign leaves players expecting a continuation of the story and this has not been stated if it will be a separate game or in addition to the Halo Infinite platform.

 Gears of War has also been making headlines and as a classic Xbox title many were expecting a Gears of War Collection of some similarity to the Master Chief Collection, but this appears to be missing completely from the showcase. In fact, the entire showcase headlined titles like Diablo 4 and Starfield from studios that Microsoft recently purchased in the last year and lacked any sighting of many of the classic Xbox series.

This could be a sign of changes on the Xbox platform and Microsoft attempting to move away from their classic titles as many news stories have reported. Although it is also quite possible that Microsoft simply had no good information to release on these titles and with the Halo Infinite series being a disaster as is, it was likely best to simply avoid the topic instead of making more promises that are likely to be unfulfilled. The Gears of War Collection is also mostly fan type at this point and maybe a completely non-existent project in all reality, so not hearing any information on this may be confirmation that the game will never receive a Master Chief Collection-like addition. This event may not be a major event in the eyes of Microsoft for their Xbox showcases and these releases will be announced later in the year at other events.

Watch the entire Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase here:


Image: HTGanzo - stock.adobe.com

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