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Overwatch 2 Likely to Completely Replace Overwatch

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overwatch.jpg.81e330f9d9a1ea57d78153f5859e9d6a.jpgA recent Reddit AMA may have confirmed that Overwatch 2’s release will be the end of the original Overwatch as a whole.  The AMA with the Overwatch dev team revealed that the game will be released in pieces as a live service game and that it will also replace the live service that is the current Overwatch.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that the original Overwatch will be unplayable after its sequel releases, but it will likely result in no multiplayer or online features in the game.

Of course, a lack of live services availability in Overwatch would essentially make the game dead as very little content is available as a single-player game.  There is a lot of good news to counter this issue as your progress is supposed to transfer to the new game, it will be free-to-play, and the roadmap for live service content looks well done at this point.

While many may be disappointed to see one of the most successful games as of late fade away like this, the OW2 setup sounds to be a smooth transition into a more modern game with additional content.  The major change that players will have to face is the new 5v5 format in matches replacing the current 6v6 games.  Many postings also seem to signal a more “universal” playstyle for all the hero types that sound overall disappointing to the series, but we will remain positive as the Overwatch team has done a great job so far.


Image: Blizzard/Screen Shot
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/vicyeq/were_the_team_behind_overwatch_2_which_will_be/


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