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Microsoft has begun testing an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan

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gamepass.png.2e873ade52fca0812c174cef07d09899.pngMicrosoft is beginning to test an Xbox Game Pass family plan that would allow subscribers to share their benefits with other people. Testers in Colombia and Ireland can sign up for a preview of this Xbox Game Pass family plan today, and as long as they are in the same country, they can add up to four people to their subscription.

This allows you and a group of friends or family to share the same subscription and enjoy the benefits on console, PC, or the cloud. You can add up to four people to your subscription, allowing each person to enjoy the benefits. At this time we do not know what kind of restrictions will be placed on who players can add or how swapping out members will work.

For quite some time, Microsoft has been rumored to be considering an Xbox Game Pass family plan. This preview shows how Xbox Game Pass Ultimate sharing would function in general. At the moment, Microsoft offers Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass for $9.99 per month. Neither includes online multiplayer capabilities, but you may upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $14.99, and this gives you Game Pass for console, PC, EA Play access, and online multiplayer.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available for signup in Colombia and Ireland via the Microsoft Store today, and those on an Xbox Insider preview program can convert any remaining time on their current plan to a new plan. If you have a full month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it will be converted to 18 days on the new plan, which suggests that a separate tier will be available once Game Pass sharing is publicly available.

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