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Fortnite leaks suggest that the Chapter 3, Season 4 update will finally bring a first-person mode to the Battle Royale game

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fortnite.png.e5b1292b9319a40c5b764c8c256f3561.pngAn Epic Games leak suggests that the Chapter 3, Season 4 update might finally bring a first-person mode to the battle royale title. Epic Games has frequently updated Fortnite since it first came out in 2017, adding new unlockable skins along with significant changes such as the No-Build mode.

Fortnite's first-person mode may finally be added in Chapter 3, Season 4 after fans have been hoping for its inclusion for quite a while. Players have never gotten as close as Box Fights to a first-person view in Fortnite, but leaker 'HYPEX' says that this is about to change.

The leaker tweeted on July 18 that the developers updated a first-person game mode quite a few times. They also provided an impression of what it might look like. Then HYPEX said this mode might be released in Season 4. This mode will be different from the game's aim-down sight mechanism since the camera will operate in first-person even when you are not aiming.

At this point, we have no idea if this information is accurate, as Epic Games has not yet verified it. However, since one of the Box Fight maps in the game already features a first-person view, the devs may add a separate mode for it in the upcoming seasonal update.

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