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In Bethesda's Starfield, companions play a pivotal role in your space adventures. They not only provide company and support during your journey but are also crucial in combat scenarios. Equipping them with the right weapons enhances their effectiveness in battles. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to change your companions' weapons in the game.

Understanding Companion Dynamics

  • Role of Companions: Companions assist in various tasks, especially in combat, by attacking enemies, providing cover fire, or drawing enemy fire.
  • Importance of Proper Equipment: The right gear significantly boosts a companion's combat abilities and overall usefulness.

Steps to Swap a Companion’s Weapon in Starfield

  1. Initiate Gear Trade
    • Engage in a conversation with your companion.
    • Choose the ‘let’s trade gear’ dialogue option to open the trade interface.
  2. Transfer Desired Weapons
    • Move the weapons you want your companions to use from your inventory to theirs.
    • Ensure you transfer the weapons and the necessary ammunition they might require.
  3. Equip Weapons
    • Press LB on the controller or Q on the keyboard to access your companion’s inventory.
    • Navigate to the desired weapon and press Y on the controller or B on the keyboard to equip it for your companion.
  4. Ammunition Considerations
    • Remember that companions will need ammunition to use firearms. Stock their inventory with ample ammo.
    • As an alternative, consider equipping them with melee weapons like the Cutter, which do not require ammunition.

Additional Tips for Managing Companions

  • Assess Combat Scenarios: Different weapons may be more effective in various combat situations. Consider swapping weapons based on the enemies you're facing.
  • Monitor Ammunition: Keep an eye on your companion’s ammo levels and replenish as needed or use a weapon that does not require ammo.
  • Personalize for Companions: Some companions might be more effective with certain types of weapons based on their skills and combat style.


Managing your companions’ gear in Starfield is essential for maximizing their potential in your cosmic journey. By following these steps, you can ensure that your companions are always battle-ready and equipped for whatever challenges lie ahead in the vast expanses of space. Remember, a well-equipped companion is an invaluable asset in the uncharted territories of Starfield.

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