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The concept of Engagement Optimized Matchmaking (EOMM) has garnered attention in the gaming community, particularly following a patent filed by Electronic Arts (EA). This guide aims to provide an overview of EOMM, its potential implications in games like Battlefield 2042, and address the surrounding discussions and concerns.

What is EOMM?

Engagement Optimized Matchmaking is an algorithmic approach that tailors online gaming experiences based on individual player behavior and preferences. It's designed to track various player metrics such as skill level, play style, and frustration thresholds. The primary goal of EOMM is to enhance player engagement by dynamically adjusting matchmaking.

Key Features

  • Behavior Tracking: Monitors player performance, aggressiveness, and frustration levels.
  • Dynamic Matchmaking: Adjusts opponents based on the player's current state, potentially pairing them with easier or similarly aggressive opponents.
  • Enhanced Player Engagement: Aims to keep players engaged by optimizing their matchmaking experience.

EOMM's Implications and Controversies

EA's patent of EOMM has raised concerns, particularly in how it could potentially influence player behavior and spending within games.

Potential Uses

  • Improving Player Experience: By matching players with suitable opponents, it could enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • Encouraging Spending: The algorithm could be used to influence in-game spending by making games more challenging or frustrating, tempting players to purchase microtransactions.

Community Concerns

  • Fairness and Transparency: There's apprehension about how transparent EA will be regarding the use of EOMM in their games.
  • Influence on Game Dynamics: Players worry that EOMM could prioritize revenue generation over fair and enjoyable gameplay.

Battlefield 2042 and EOMM

While EA has not officially stated the inclusion of EOMM in Battlefield 2042, speculation exists due to the game's matchmaking issues. It's important to note that:

  • Patent Status: As of now, the EOMM system is still in the patent application process. Many patents also go unused and simply protect R&D time.
  • EA's Stance: EA has not confirmed the implementation of EOMM in any of their games, including Battlefield 2042.
  • Community Perception: The player community largely believes that EOMM is not currently part of EA's games.


The concept of Engagement Optimized Matchmaking represents a significant development in online gaming experiences. While it has the potential to improve player engagement, it also raises ethical questions about player manipulation and transparency. As it stands, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that EA has implemented EOMM in Battlefield 2042 or any other game. However, the gaming community remains vigilant and concerned about how such systems could impact the future of online gaming.

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