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Helldivers 2 brings intense, cooperative multiplayer action to both PS5 and PC (Steam) platforms, offering cross-play capabilities that bridge the gap between console and computer gamers. This guide walks you through the steps to enable cross-play and connect with friends across these platforms for a unified gaming experience.

Enabling Cross-Play in Helldivers 2

To dive into cross-platform play, you'll need to first activate the feature within the game settings.

Steps to Enable Cross-Play

  1. Access Options Menu: From the main menu or during gameplay, open the Options menu.
  2. Navigate to Gameplay Settings: Find and select the "Gameplay" tab.
  3. Activate Cross-Play: Locate the cross-play toggle and ensure it's turned on.

With cross-play enabled, you're set to connect with friends on either PS5 or PC.

Playing with Friends via Cross-Play

Connecting with friends across different platforms in Helldivers 2 is streamlined through the use of a Friend Code system.

Generating and Using a Friend Code

  1. Open the Social Menu: This menu displays your current friends, recent players, friend requests, and blocked players.
  2. Find the Friend Code Option: Scroll to the bottom of your friends list to locate the option to generate a Friend Code.
  3. Share Your Friend Code: This eight-digit code can be shared with your friends on different platforms.
  4. Entering the Friend Code: Friends can enter this code via the search bar at the top of the Social menu on their platform.
  5. Sending Friend Requests: After finding your profile, your friend can send a friend request, which you'll find in the Friend Requests tab.

Accepting Friend Requests

  • Confirming Friendships: Once a friend request is sent and accepted, you're now connected across platforms and ready to embark on Helldivers 2 missions together.

Tips for a Smooth Cross-Play Experience

  • Communication is Key: Consider using external voice chat applications if the game's system doesn't meet your needs, ensuring seamless coordination and strategy planning.
  • Check Cross-Play Settings Regularly: Updates or game changes might reset your settings, so it's a good practice to confirm cross-play is enabled before each gaming session.
  • Be Patient with Connections: Given the technical complexities of connecting different platforms, be prepared for potential minor delays or hiccups when joining sessions.


Helldivers 2's cross-play feature is a fantastic way to unite gamers from PS5 and PC, breaking down platform barriers and enhancing the cooperative gameplay experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide to enable cross-play and connect with friends, you're set to enjoy Helldivers 2's thrilling intergalactic campaigns together, regardless of your gaming platform.

Embrace the camaraderie of cross-platform play in Helldivers 2 and share in the excitement of team-based strategies and victories with friends on both PS5 and PC. Happy gaming, and remember: the galaxy relies on the unity of its defenders!

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